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  1. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting I am confounded I cannot find the interior door badges (above) for a 1965 LeSabre Convertible. Anyone selling any? My grateful thanks 704 906 6757
  2. Tremendously helpful! This is a sentimental car meant to cruise around town. Thanks so much
  3. I'm looking for advice on the best tires to place upon a 65 lesabre Convertible. 15x5.5 wheels. Once completed, this car will enjoy no more than 3000 miles a year, town and highway. Modest whitewalls of course:) Thanks, Bryan
  4. My car is a 2 door 65 Lesabre convertable. Why would the door panels not fit?
  5. Its standard, as far as I know...looks like to the photo you sent. I's interested in yhe rear seat and any panels. Many thanks
  6. I'm in Charlotte near the intersection of Providence and Wendover. I'd be very interested in the rear seats only. I've made arrangements for the rest. THANK YOU! 704 906 6757
  7. A long shot I know. I am searching for front and rear seats as well as door panels for 65 lesabre convertible. My Dad's original car I'm restoring. I'm grateful for any help or advice
  8. Bryan From Charlotte, nice to know you. My project is a 65 Lesabre convertible restoration. Any direction appreciated
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