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  1. Its a Work of Art! Great JOB Rob!!! You'll be sporting that ride around in no time. Sweet. :cool:
  2. Im sorry, it's in the latest issue July/ August of the Riview. Its the simi monthly printed publication ROA members receive.
  3. I just read your latest installment on your 66 Jason and found it very informative! Great Job on the project and this series of articles will help countless others with their own builds. You the Man!!! :cool:
  4. Very Cool Rob! You are doing a fine job.
  5. Sweet looking Riviera! Nice Find
  6. sounds good! Id like to see some photos of the install, or a movie would be cool. Thanks for posting:)
  7. Hey Joey, I just cleaned the paint off of couple places where the straps contact the tank and made sure the strap to frame contact points were clean. No problem with the ground, sending unit works fine. I always use a little dielectric grease on all my electrical work as well. All the best,
  8. The stock optional trunk release is Vacuum controlled.
  9. Right on! Looks good too. Not to many people will work on those motors, good to know about Vogel.
  10. Send em in I need to buy a set! LoL otherwise Ill have to use universal hangers! it will all happen in good time. I was looking at those bushings from rare parts, you are right, they dont give those suckers away! looks like a $500 note, Lord have mercy.
  11. Rob, Waldron's seems to be good from what I understand so I most likely will give them a shot at it. wonder if they ever got the hangers made up for the rivi's?
  12. Thanks Buddy! I cant do the Clarks man, Im all tapped out of money now! Im having fun with it tho, at least now I can drive it. Been getting a lot of thumbs up when I take it out. Where did you get the bushing for the rear suspension? cars or rare parts?
  13. Okay, Im done with this phase of events on the Rivi! Runs great, looks good, everything works including AC, Guidematic, Cruise, vac trunk and power seats and ant. Next phase will be the rear end suspension bushing and complete exhaust. Not sure when I will start that. Here are some pics: Oh yeah, best part, no leaks!:cool: So this will be it from me on this thread. Thanks to all who posted and helped me out, and I hope some of this will help others. Rob Smalling
  14. Some photos of my 65 Rivi GS. Engine, AC Rebuild, one thing after another, but fun none the less. Used R 12, Blows nice and cold. Chk out my new Steering wheel. Just put it on this morning. It was like the crowning touch. Just thought I would share and say thanks to you guys for all your help and insight over the last year. Rob
  15. Thanks Don, Im going to do this today.
  16. That front head bolt as Tom said is about 1/4 longer that the rest of the head bolts. so it need to go in that position.
  17. Merry Christmas to All! I just want to say thanks for all the help and fun and interesting topics of conversation in this forum the past 12 months! May we all have a great Riviera Christmas and New Year! All The Best!
  18. pic's of my cars shroud 65 gran sport Rivi
  19. Will Do on the picture, ill be out there later this morning. Mine was good to go out of the box, I didnt paint mine.
  20. yeah, the one I got from cars was a perfect fit.
  21. Very Cool Brother! Keep up the good work. ROA members are the best
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