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  1. The registration figures show Buicks were new registered here in 1932 1933 but I assumed the were left over earlier models. The late Bill Millar told me there was 17 1932 Buicks imported but I do not know where he got that figure from and have not seen any sign of them. The early 1930's figures are also blurred by some left over Marquettes being rebadged as Buick Marquettes and sold as such. The GM NZ records still survive and they have considerable detail even of individual cars but I do not know who got the records after Gaitlin Tremaine( ex GM) passed.
  2. New Buick annual registrations in NZ were as follows: 1936 271 , 1937 273 , 1938 229 , 1939 147 . The figures for 1936 and 1937 are almost the same so it is a survival factor. I did see a number of 1936 Buicks in ordinary use in the 1970 's as well as the later ones but the 36's have faded away more so than the other years. There are reasonable number of the 1934 - 35 model surviving but the classic styling could be a factor in those being saved. I have never seen a 1932 or 1933 Buick. Plenty of earlier ones though!
  3. The 1937 , 38 , 39 Buicks appear to have had a very high survival rate here. The quality must be a factor. 1936 models are not seen as often. Perhaps the wooden body frames in the 36's affected their survival rate !
  4. Hi TJ . The tail light in your photo is older than 1934.
  5. 1929 Packard Dietrich restored in NZ.
  6. Hi Bill. Thank you for you interesting comments regarding your father's service in New Zealand with the marines. I have now read material on the internet regarding his excellent military career. I recall when I was growing up here in the 1950"s and 60's my parents and grandparents talking about the relief and grattitude they felt when the US Forces arrived in NZ as there was a real fear of invasion before this. The contribution of these servicemen has not been forgotten.
  7. The licence plate on the 42 Buick (photo 3) is 1946 to 1951 series so the photo must be post war.Plates were replaced annually until 1941 then 5 yearly until 1964 when permanent plates were issued.You can tell from the symbol inthe middle what year it is. Montgomery apparently visited in 1947 as indicated by this poor photo attached from a newspaper. Also attached is a photo from the same tour of him in a post war Chrysler. The NZ Government owned a number of these.
  8. Photo 3 of the 1942 Buick is in New Zealand. The Officer in the car is the British General Montgomery. The US Marines arrived here in big numbers in 1942 and brought both cars and big numbers of trucks with them . I have seen two surviving 1942 Buick convertibles in NZ, both right hand drive.One is in Southwards museum in Wellington.There were no private car sales here in 1942 due to the war.
  9. Yes I agree. Some of the 1930 Commmanders do not have a sun visor but some do !
  10. If you Google" Webcam Napier City Council' now you can see the annual Art Deco weekend cars in the Street with one minute updates.It comes up first item on your search.This will be on for the next 3 days so you can watch from a distance via the city webcam. Unfortunately I did not make the long drive down this year as the weather forecast was bad but looking at the webcam scenes it looks good at Napier.
  11. I saw the Packard coupe at the big display at Wanganui a couple of weeks ago but photograpy was difficult as they parked the cars too close together as usual , even though there was acres of ground available! Nice car though.
  12. Nice car. I like the colour and blackwall tyres ! Very authentic looking.
  13. Most of the unrestored DeSoto 29 "K'' I have seen over the years were originally blue and black and on wooden wheels and some had wires with the small hubcap and exposed bolts. This one may be an early 1930 in view if the type of wire wheel with bolts under the hubcap .Also early 30 has slightly more skirt on the edge of fenders than the previous years and middle vent on bonnet is different and blanked off. This revised version of the K was used until the CK came out later in 1930.
  14. Another! Taken in 1986 Canterbury NZ.
  15. A good idea especially in your 31 Dodge coupe. There are a lot of early Dodges here but I have not seen a 1931.
  16. Lens diameter- 1;Cadillac 1930(some) 12 1/8 inch :2 & 3: Auburn 1928-30 11 1/2 , Franklin 1930 11 1/2. 4:Stutz incl Blackhawk 1930 11 5/16. 5 & 6:Windsor 11 1/4 and Cadillac 452 & 370 1930-31 11 1/4. 7: Packard some 1930-31 11 3/16. Graham is 10 3/4 and Rolls-Royce 10 3/8.
  17. They will be on public display in Wanganui town racecourse on Sunday. About 800 cars expected.
  18. Looking good. Thanks for posting. Right hand drive !
  19. Also it would be interesting to hear where you found the motor.
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