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  1. The ex - Harlow Cadillac V16 shown in post 20 still exists. It is in the Southwards collection near Wellington , NZ. Here is a photo of it taken when I visited the collection two weeks ago.
  2. There is a chromed frame that goes inside the door window opening. Inside the chromed fame is a window and another chromed frame surrounding a vent window . You can wind the entire assembly including the vent window down and up or you can move a lever that locks the entire assembly in the up postion and then lower just the glass window pane leaving the vent window up.The vent window can then then be cranked out using the winder mentioned in previous post via a gear that has become engaged in tne process. It must have been expensive to make ! These are also in 1934 Plymouth De luxe and Chrysler CA.
  3. This is for the vent window winder.
  4. The seating arrangement is set out like a cloverleaf. Two in the front , one in the back.
  5. Yes 6 monthly is ridiculous. It should be based on distance travelled ! And the authorities idea of making it tougher does not make sense as things already have to be completely up to standard so there is no scope to raise the standard. A component is either safe or not safe !
  6. Looks like a Dodge Senior Six 1928.
  7. It is definately a 1934 Dodge 6. The steering wheel is not original.It is probably from a Ford V8. If that coupe body was here in NZ someone would restore it!
  8. This photo does not include a car but I noticed the enthusiastic comments regarding Harvards above so thought you might like to see this one owner example. It was purchased by the RNZAF in 1942 and is still owned by them in flying order. Photographed two days ago at RNZAF Airbase Ohakea.
  9. The world is full of dismantled cars and unfinished projects.............!
  10. No the manual does not indicate which brake it is. The same Bendix brakes are fitted to several different makes as well as the 32 Olds. The Bendix brakes on my 30 Olds are a different version so unfortunately I cannot make any direct comparisons with it.
  11. Here is an old photo of a Garford taken when it was new in New Zealand.
  12. Hi Karl.Thanks for posting the photos . Re the comments about the fitting above the windscreen this particular car had a radio aerial fitted there when I photographed it in 2002 in Auckland. See attached photo. The dark maroon and black paint you are considering is one of the nicest paint options for 1934 Plymouth and is an authentic original colour. I think you will find the 1934 Plymouth is a nice car to drive,performs well and very reliable.
  13. The 1934 Plymouths sold in NZ have USA bodies.There were a small number with locally built bodies over a wooden frame. You can get rubber parts for 1934 Plymouth from Lynne Steele Rubber and Metro . It would be good if you posted a picture of you Plymouth!
  14. I have photographed the attached diagram of 1932 Olds brakes from the National Service Manual.The manual is too big to put in the scanner! Hope this helps.
  15. According to the National Service Manual your car has Bendix mechanical type single anchor brakes. My 1930 Olds has a similar earlier version of Bendix brakes.I found that it was necessary to set the brakes up systematically in the same sequence of adjustment and the the same clearances as outlined in instructions.If there was any variation from the exact set up proceedure the brakes would not work properly. I would recommend you obtain a copy of a workshop manual for your car or a copy of the National Service Manual. Then remove the drums to see what condition the internals are in. After that set the entire brake system up exactly as per the instructions. It takes awhile and you need patience but once done they will work normally(providing the internals are in good condition). The National Service Manual is too big for me to scan and post here. Good luck , if you persevere you will achieve the desired result.
  16. They are the same. Also many of the parts interchange with Plymouth and DeSoto.
  17. Alex you are right. The NZVCC has become a 2nd hand car club since they changed the eligibilty a few years ago to accept the used cars we see every day on the road. As a result many serious enthuisiasts with older vehicles do not bother to attend events. Saturday was no better.
  18. There was a Kissel Goldbug in Auckland NZ but it was shipped to USA approx late 1970s as I recall. Does anyone know where it is now ? That was the only Kissel I have seen.
  19. Post 481 by Southpaw shows a Newmans Bros bus . This bus still survives. The body was built in NZ in 1935 by Crawley Ridley and Co on a Cadillac 353 V8 chassis. Photo was taken in Nelson NZ. Newmans had a fleet of Cadillac buses and service cars.They had to contend with very rugged terrain which is why they bought Cadillacs.
  20. They all look to be of a similar year indicating the earlier vehicles were replaced before they were very old!
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