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  1. Not fair...its raining here .Winter has arrived. Looks like you have nice countryside up there for vintage motoring !
  2. At 6 foot I fit ok but there is not much room to spare. However behind the seat there is a storage comparment and shelf which could be reduced in size to move the seat back and that would give more leg room. I have noticed many cars I the era do not have much space for the driver.People must have been smaller back then !
  3. Nice car. I have only seen one of these 38 coupes in NZ.(many sedans though) Grant do you know of any down South ?
  4. When you open "reply to thread ' after you have written your comments scroll down to Additional Options then click on Manage Attachments. You will then see "browse"so click on that and go to Pictures and select the ones you want. Firstly reduce to 1800 pixels or less across. Hope this helps. On my first attempt I was stuck until helped by Keiser 31. Look forward to seeing some pictures of your car.
  5. Here is a 1934 Dodge DT photographed in 2001. Multiple louvres.
  6. Thanks for the comments. I will post some Marquette / Olds comparison pictures when I get a minute. It is raining and dark at the moment.
  7. From what I can see in the photo that appears to be a 1929 Pontiac Fisher body sedan or coupe cowl.1928 and 1930 are different. Do not go solely by the date first registered in NZ , as they were not always registered in the same calender year as the model year.The cowl you have photographed is the 1929 model year. Are you looking for a Pontiac or parts ? There are several around from this era!
  8. Attached is a photo of a 1930 Marquette coupe that I recently aquired. It is in good solid usable condition although the bumpers need restoration or replacement with a better set. Mechanically is is very similar to my 1930 Oldsmobile!
  9. It is the edge where it turns down to screen the underside of the fender. Here is a picture of the 1934 version that you can compare with your 33.
  10. I bought a complete set of new manifold studs, washers and nuts for sidevalve 34 Plymouth from Andy Bernbaum about 5 years ago.They were the correct type and fitted perfectly.
  11. Your welcome. Good luck with your project. You will probably find what you need in due course.
  12. Today was a perfect autumn day here so went for a drive in the Olds then took a couple of different angle digital photos of it,seen here.
  13. The 1934 Plymouth coupe rear fender has a wider skirt on it than the 1933.
  14. Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks like it was a good event.
  15. No clever ideas just a few basic principles.Stay focussed on the end result.Keep the momentum up.Progress motivates more progress.Aim for a high standard.If its worth doing it is worth doing well.Do it once do it right. Thats about it.
  16. I got the car owners wrong. The one I photographed is ex Marlene Dietrich, not Harlowe as pointed out by Dave Mitchell. So that is why they are different. Sorry about that! I was more interested in the car when I looked at it rather than who had owned it.In fact there are so many nice cars in the collection it is hard to absorb it all in a couple of hours.
  17. Here is an original one I photographed at the side of the road North of Auckland NZ about 20 years ago. Luggage rack is clearly visible. (Can you post a picture of your Dodge ? )
  18. Remember to take your camera. It would be good to see some photos of the event posted here !
  19. oops... I am not very knowledgeable on old movie stars. Thanks for the correction.
  20. Here is a photo taken when I overhauled my Oldsmobile shocks some years ago. As you can see there is not much to them. New seals, a good clean, and they are still working fine. The seal is an off the shelf item. Good luck.
  21. Are they Delco Lovejoy shocks ? Usually if you replace the seal which is a standard item they will work fine. Take the top off , undo a bolt holding the arm and shaft in, pull the arm and shaft out , repace the seal. Reverse the process to assemble and put new fluid in. It should then work fine unless something has been damaged but not usually the case. An easy process.
  22. Good point ! I do not know the answer. Perhaps it is not the same car as claimed but it has been there for decades with Harlow information displayed on it.
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