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  1. I was going to upload a photo but the new format just showed all my previous uploaded photos so I gave up.
  2. I have seen three different radiator emblems on Marquettes in NZ. 1 The usual Marquette coat of arms emblem with just the name Marquette. 2 An emblem with Buick Marquette on it. 3 Some have just the normal Buick emblem. These are said to be cars sold late after Marquette had been dropped.
  3. Yes the 34 windscreen slopes more the the 33 and the door edge is sloped accordingly.
  4. It looks a good buy to me if the condition is as good as the photos above.I am suprised someone has not bought it already!
  5. Very interesting , thank you.
  6. Yes if the car is going to be used on the road it has to have a current Warrent of Fitness that only lasts 6 months from the date of inspection and is not linked to distance in any way. We also have to pay an annual road tax / injury cover fee that is about half price for cars over 40 years.Still not cheap though! As you say some times you go 6 months and barely use the vehicle especially if you have more than one yet still have to go through the full inspection process again. Whenever a review of this ridiculous draconian law has been requested the Motor Trade people squawk and predict all sorts of dire consequences on our roads if the law were to be relaxed. But of course they are the ones who pocket the testing fee ! Most of their testing people do not have a clue when it comes to older vehicles anyhow.
  7. No , it is completely different .
  8. No, different shape and wider edge on the 34 to match the front guard.They do not interchange. Buckeye makes new running boards but by the time you get your car to the stage of being ready them you will probably have found an original pair anyhow!
  9. The 1934 Plymouth running boards are different to the 1933.
  10. In NZ we have a ridiculous requirement to get a full inspection done every 6 months regardless of how few miles you have covered. Then as well as that the Cops set up roadblocks to make sure you have a current Warrent of Fitness as the inspection is called. If expired a $200 instant fine is issued. Really the whole thing is just revenue collecting !
  11. It has probably done 106,000 miles or more !
  12. It looks like a two door sedan in photo 3.
  13. The body is the same as the six but not the eight. I think the restoration project would depend on what is available to use the body on.If you have a complete Desoto body , Desoto running gear or Chrysler 66 would probably be the best option.The Chrysler 66 has a longer wheelbase but the body is still the same apart fron the hood.If the body is definately Desoto and you can get Desoto running gear that is probably the best way to go for the sake of originality. Can you post a photo of the Desoto which will clarify the position ?
  14. The Chrysler 75 has similar styling to the Desoto but the body is bigger on the Chrysler.It will not interchange. The Chrysler 77 has different styling altogether. The Dodge is different. The 1930 Chrysler 66 and Cj 6 also have the same body as the Desoto.
  15. Hi Alan .The 1929 Desoto roadster body is the same as the 1929 Plymouth and 1929 Chrysler 65 from the doors back.The 29 Desoto roadster cowl is higher than the Plymouth and Chrysler 65. I hope this helps.(I did think you may have meant to ask this first time!)
  16. No it does not. Completely different and un-related.
  17. I just noticed is thread is for Dodge so I am intrudung here.Sorry about that Dodge owners!
  18. The Delco-Remy generator in my 34 Plymouth stopped charging and I diagnosed it as a dead armature. So I bought a new armature on Ebay and also a brush, bush and bearing kit. Assembled it all today and tested it in the car. Yes it works and is charging properly. Photo one is the parts ex Ebay and photo two is setting up the new brushes on the commutator before putting it all into the housing.
  19. Tidyed up a Klaxon horn and put it on recently acquired Marquette. Now it has the right sound for the era! Old and loud.
  20. The hub and drums appear to have been modified. The hubs are normally rivetted to the drums.
  21. Yes this is a rebadged 1934 Plymouth PE deluxe.
  22. I really like the authentic original look it has. Nice car !
  23. Yes they are nice particularly the 40 Coupe for my tastes.
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