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  1. The 1934 and 1935 hood ornaments are different. At a glance they look the same but the base of the 35 has two grooves in it for the grille surround stainless to go into. They are not interchangeable.
  2. I have always liked the styling on the 1930 - 31 Buicks especially when in authentic colours. Certainly a nice car in my view !
  3. After spending considerable time mig welding and filing pits and rust areas on the front bumpers I took them to an electroplater who put on considerable copper then chromed them after buffing.They turned out excellent and are now on the car as per the attached photo. I recovered the running boards and installed the correct running board trim from L & L Antique Trim USA. Next will be the back bumperettes which are also very pitted.
  4. Yes I take your point so here is an original photo instead.
  5. Here is a copy of the brochure.
  6. Yes they are 1929 - 30 Marquette. The wire wheel one is incorrectly painted comparing it to an original sales brochure.The outer black ring is correct but the black surrounding the M emblem should not be there .
  7. Yes it is 1929 and 1930 Oldsmobile.
  8. Here are two 1931 Studebakers I photographed at an event in NZ earlier this year. The green one is a President 8 .
  9. The DeSoto K radiator surround does not interchange with any others.
  10. Karl , is that your Plymouth in the background of this photo taken yesterday of you know who ? (internet )
  11. Jack Martells book "Antique Automotive Collectibles' has a photo of an Olds hubcap that looks like this one and it is listed as 1920 .
  12. Looking at my photos I have taken shows both types of wheels on 36 Dodges here. Probably depends on whether they originate from Canada or USA .
  13. Not sure how I would describe where he was, more in the middle of the area you describe , but he had a large quantity of 1920 s 1930 s headlights mainly sitting on the ground but some on a table. His sign said he also had 4 boxes of headlight lenses as well but I did not see them. Anyhow there was a pair of complete headlights marked Dodge DA sitting in the ones on the ground. They also looked like DA to me.That was Friday afternoon. I did not go back on Saturday due to rain. If you ring the number in Beaded Wheels ad he will be able to tell you if he stiill has them.He is the guy that used to own Ajays V8 services until a couple of years ago. I bought a cowl light from him last year and he said a lot of his stuff came from the now defunct Gleesons Auto Wreckers in Napier that had been in business since 1939. His advertisement lists the North Island swap meets he intends taking his stockpile to in the next few weeks !
  14. There was a pair of DA Dodge headlights with lenses at the Canterbury swapmeet last Friday.The vendor had a lot of early lights and lenses for sale. He has also advertised them in "Beaded Wheels"magazine.Listed as Ian ph 021 754 656.
  15. Nice find ! You could try the Canterbury Swapmeet for parts . Starts tomorrow !
  16. A shame that such a nice vehicle is being turned in to a heap of junk. Look how many of these junk conversions are for sale un-wanted on ebay.
  17. Very artistic but dont slip on the shiny paint !
  18. Hi Bill. The gas tank in my un-restored 29 / 30 De Soto K coupe has got original black paint on it. The Chrysler Cj has a lot in common with the De Soto so I think your gas tank be the same. Black is the only colour I have seen on Chrysler product gas tanks of that era .Black enamel should work fine.
  19. It looks like a 1923-24 Studebaker Big 6 with an Aussie body.
  20. The car does not appear to have the artillary wheels that the 1936 model has so it must be a 1937. It interesting to note that the oldest car in the photo appears to be a 1930 vehicle even though the photo is circa 1937.It appears people did not keep cars very long in that era in USA !
  21. Hi BJM . I took that photo in 2006 before I changed to digital.The photo I posted was scanned from a 6 x 4 print. I will locate the negative a put it through my scanner at high resolution to see what the quality is like.It was taken with a good camera although todays quality digital ones give a superior result. I will let you know the result. Incidentally there is an excellent book available on the Richardson truck collection called"Trucks a Vintage Collection"' It has good coverage on this particular airflow as well as the rest of the collection.
  22. Here is a photo of a Dodge Airflow in the Richardson Truck Collection in Invercargill, NZ. It is in perfect condition having been fully restored by the collection.
  23. Hi Bill. In my view black always looks good and would suit your Chrysler very well, especially being the original colour. Over the years I have used black Dulon and found it good to work with.
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