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  1. Ron , the 32 Chev coupe you mentioned was featured in an early issue of "Restored cars" magazine.Issue number 22.
  2. The car in the old photo has a New Zealand licence plate on it from the series that was in use from June 1956 to June 1961, as indicated by the brown colour and small star in the middle. The red car was re- licenced in 1998 when the current owner finished restoring it .I do not know whether it is the same car or not. There are differences but that may be due to restoration.
  3. So many nice cars there ! Not sure what makes number 1 and 6 are though ?
  4. Ian , there is an original 34 Dodge sedan on ebay at present with some interior photos that may help you with your project.
  5. Yes it is a Briscoe. The distinctive Briscoe hupcap design can be seen in the photo.
  6. They are the same as 1934 Plymouth, Desoto , Chrysler. Dodge, & 1933 Plymouth PD and Dodge.I have often seen new old stock ones on Ebay.
  7. That engine is a work of art....well the entire car is really. I have seen a lot of Packards , a few Pierce but never a Peerless here. Guess I will have to stick with the 4th P ... Plymouth !
  8. It looks like a NZ registration tag below left headlight. The registration year would be shown on that. Oakland seems to have been fairly common here.
  9. The photo above posted by Bleach of the Chrysler and Hudsons in NZ shows the cars with licence plates for the year June 1927 to June 1928 as indicated by the star in the middle of the numbers.The middle symbol changed each year making it possible to determine the era .So the photo would have been taken then. I have enhanced in my photo programme for clarity.
  10. Hi Bleach. Here is a photo taken Jan 2012 at Wanganui , NZ, of 37 Studebaker and 34 Austin hearses still in service outside the undertakers premises . I am in no hurry for a ride in one though !
  11. The top one looks like a Nash around 1928 .
  12. The Illustrated History of Ford covered the years 1903 to 1970. Presumably the 90 Years edition goes to 1993.
  13. You could try "Veteran Car Rims' PO Box 9164 Christchurch NZ. Ph (03) 338 4307. Email office@veterancarrims.co.nz They advertise in Beaded Wheels Magazine,that they make a variety of rims and split rims.
  14. The headlight shell being painted and with the raised shape at the top looks like 1930 Chrysler 66 .
  15. I think it is 1928 Oldsmobile .
  16. On the outside of the frame at the high point above the rear axles, left side.
  17. No Koalas in NZ. They are in Australia which is separated from NZ by 1200 miles of ocean !
  18. Perhaps you could all move to sunny Auckland ......but bring your old cars with you. It does not snow here .:cool:
  19. Seeing the way they sprayed them with enamel makes me wonder whether runs in the paint were common. Can anyone who has seen an original paint survivor comment on this ?
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