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  1. How long is it ? It looks like the stands on my 1934 Plymouth coupe.
  2. The Marquette bell housing is the same as 1928 - 1930 Oldsmobile .
  3. Nice find . It is actually a 1929 model .
  4. Yes if you can find one . I have found gettting 1934 Plymouth parts from USA to NZ to be quite straight forward. Anyhow good luck in your search.
  5. It appears to be a Chrysler product .
  6. Yes I have checked my photos and it is Oakland.
  7. I have seen one of these surviving here.The side moldings are rather interesting !
  8. Model A but an interesting find anyhow. It will be good if you can post some more photos when they are out in the open !
  9. What a neat car ! A car in this original condition always has enthusiasts drooling , wherever they may be.
  10. Thanks again John. Even so it is an unusual car for NZ and it is good to have an indication of the identity.
  11. Thanks John. I suspected Chrysler about that year but not seen a surviving 31 or 32 here so it looks like a rarity for NZ. There are plenty of 1930 and earlier but 31 and 32 seem to have totally disappeared. The one in this picture appears to one of the larger Chrysler models . I wonder could it possibly be an Imperial ?
  12. This picture is from a local historic archive and I am wondering what the large sedan is. Usually I can id most but I am uncertain as to what this one is. Thanks.
  13. Looks better with blackwalls in my view!
  14. Good reply to Ebay Grant and so true.We even see a lot of American flags and other aspect of American culture at car events such as the Beach Hop , Americarna , All American day etc. The trade hasnt been all one way either . For years our friends in America and others cherry picked our Vintage car fleet but thats just the way it is.
  15. Without bids from foreign bidders the price will often be lower and the sellers will receive less. How will they feel about that?
  16. There was one surviving in New Zealand.It went to Australia some years ago. There is a feature on it in "Restored Cars '" magazine issue 153, July- August 2002.
  17. Looking good ! Watching with interest.
  18. I use Penrite 250 in the gearbox in my 1930 Oldsmobile. It feels very heavy until the oil reaches operating temperature then gear changing becomes straight forward. Lighter oils made smooth gear changes difficult. Grade 250 was recommended by Penrite and I am happy with the result.The Olds has the normal Muncie gearbox with non-syncro gears.
  19. There politicians here in NZ are already taxing our personal transport fuel in this way and they give the proceeds to wealthy people who own forests !
  20. 1927 / 28 Oakland after market replacement .
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