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  1. Your Oldsmobile is a 1928 .Quite different to the 1927 Olds but very similar to 1929 and 1930.

    I restored a 1930 Olds and obtained pistons and rings from Egge Parts .Also obtained some mechanical parts from Then & Now Automotive AKA Antique Auto Parts Cellar.Wheel bearings and seals from the well known Obsolete Bearing and seal suppliers.Parts for these occassionally appear on Ebay.

    Yours looks like a very nice car and appears to have the  original paint going by the photos .

    If there is anything specific you need to know please ask and I will answer if I can .I did a lot of research on 28-30 Olds when restoring mine mid 1980s to mid 1990s .

    Many of the parts for these interchange with 1929 to 1930 Marquette .

    Hope this helps .


    Your Studebaker looks very nice !

  2. Harold . Sorry I did not acknowledge your reply to my inquiry at the time but I have only just seen it .I recall seeing you motoring the Kissel in Vintage car club events as well as your 1927 Nash Roadster .Your information is consistant with my recollections .One of my brothers has a photo he took of it somewhere.

    Lee . I recall often seeing the Kissel parked at your parents place in Great North Rd Avondale when I was in my teens and lived nearby .Would be nice if you can upload some photos .

  3. Thanks for the advice. To be clear, are you saying that to add a modern style aluminium core in a rebuild instead of copper honeycomb is a bad decision. I ask because I had a quote of 3k for honeycomb or 1.7k for cellular? Advice please.

    They had samples of the cores when I saw them. Chrysler 65 originally had cellular radiators so if you are doing a serious quality restoration I would recommend a cellular core. The radiator is very visble in Chrysler 65 as there are no shutters or grille bars so a modern core will not look right.

    There are actually a lot of Chrysler 65's surviving in NZ.

  4. The 1930 Marquette Muncie gearbox is identical to the 1928 -1930 Oldsmobile gearbox. So if you look for Oldsmobile as well it should considerably increase your chances.

    Also Vintage and Classic Reproductions in Australia has this part listed in their on-line catalog under Oldsmobile. Good luck in your search.

  5. Re my first post #48 I meant to put that it was probably ten years since I had seen the coupe. It sounds to be the same car stephen48 mentioned. The black sedan was near Opotoki I think.

    The sedan that was in the Auckland area was two tone , black guards and top with a mustard / brownish colour in the centre. According to the owners son at the time his father salvaged from a wreckers yard.I saw it many times in late 60s and possibly early 70s as the owner lived in Avondale in a side street off the street I grew up in.They let an advertising agency use it for a petrol advertisement during which the engine was ruined so it was sold and has not run again since.Recently I saw photos of it on flickr in the Southward Museum storage shed taken on their recent open days.So I assume they aquired it when the Allen family sold it after advertising it in the Vintage Car Club magazine. It was an impressive car.

  6. There was a Royale here in NZ some years ago - it is probably the years since I have seen it. I think it was a coupe. It was blue and had right hand drive. I heard a rumour it had gone to the US but can't be certain on that. Whether or not it was the smaller 8-31 I don't know. If it was in the US the right hand drive would make it stand out. There also a big black sedan I saw on a trip to the north about 40 years ago which I presume still survives. I guess both of these cars were supplied new to NZ.

    I have known of two surviving Reo Royales here. There was a sedan in the Auckland area in the late 1960s and it is now stored in the Southwards museum awaiting restoration building.

    Also there was a Victoria coupe in the Christchurch area that I last heard of in the 1990s. It may still be there.Both of these are right hand drive .As with any car there are usually more surviving than are generally known so it would not surprise me if there are others. Reo sold well here back in the day.

  7. Thanks for the reply. Is there any interchangeability with other MOPARs for a radiator and shell on a 1930 Model 66? My father-in-law gave me a very complete car in need of a total restoration. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to find the radiator and shell and thinks someone probably stole it from his barn.

    The Chrysler 66 radiator shell is unique but is similar in appearance to 1930 Chrysler CJ 6. I do not know if they interchange.If you Google images for 1930 Chysler 66 and 1930 Chrysler CJ you will see the slight difference in appearance at the top recess area.

    Good luck with your search.

  8. Got this lens by a fella who had an old cornking from the mid thirties. all it says on top is says TOP:o and the bottom says TILTRAY headlamp quide made in usa. About 9 & 3/4" dia. with about a full inch dish up in the middle. does she fit the IHC truck or? Thanks

    It fits 1930 Oldsmobile. I think it may also fit Diamond T but thats all.

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