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  1. The wheel Looks like 1934 Plymouth from what I can see .The hubs are not .
  2. It is what is known as 1928 Oldsmobile.The engine number is on the top of the block near the water pump.The chassis number is stamped on the front axle .
  3. Well said Taylormade . I have used silicone for over 30 years . No problems at all.
  4. If silicone brake fluid is used this problem does not arise .
  5. Additional comment. Yours may even be a 1929. If you post a clearer picture of the top of the grille shell and radiator shutters I will be able to be more definate .
  6. Your Oldsmobile is a 1928 .Quite different to the 1927 Olds but very similar to 1929 and 1930. I restored a 1930 Olds and obtained pistons and rings from Egge Parts .Also obtained some mechanical parts from Then & Now Automotive AKA Antique Auto Parts Cellar.Wheel bearings and seals from the well known Obsolete Bearing and seal suppliers.Parts for these occassionally appear on Ebay. Yours looks like a very nice car and appears to have the original paint going by the photos . If there is anything specific you need to know please ask and I will answer if I can .I did a lot of research on 28-30 Olds when restoring mine mid 1980s to mid 1990s . Many of the parts for these interchange with 1929 to 1930 Marquette . Hope this helps . Your Studebaker looks very nice !
  7. It looks like a 1937 - 1938 Willys with a dirty or misty back window.Definately not a Ford .Willys were very common here.
  8. Very nice Al . I like the authentic colours and black tyres !
  9. When I clicked on the link above I immediately received a message from my anti-virus advising that it had blocked a malicious download attempt of high severity.
  10. Harold . Sorry I did not acknowledge your reply to my inquiry at the time but I have only just seen it .I recall seeing you motoring the Kissel in Vintage car club events as well as your 1927 Nash Roadster .Your information is consistant with my recollections .One of my brothers has a photo he took of it somewhere. Lee . I recall often seeing the Kissel parked at your parents place in Great North Rd Avondale when I was in my teens and lived nearby .Would be nice if you can upload some photos .
  11. I think it is a 1940 Chevrolet .
  12. Thanks for posting . I certainly enjoyed seeing the pictures of such an original car.
  13. The Marquette handbrake is the same as Oldsmobile 1928 to 1930 so that may assist to widen your search .
  14. They had samples of the cores when I saw them. Chrysler 65 originally had cellular radiators so if you are doing a serious quality restoration I would recommend a cellular core. The radiator is very visble in Chrysler 65 as there are no shutters or grille bars so a modern core will not look right. There are actually a lot of Chrysler 65's surviving in NZ.
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