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  1. It is what is known as 1928 Oldsmobile.The engine number is on the top of the block near the water pump.The chassis number is stamped on the front axle .
  2. Additional comment. Yours may even be a 1929. If you post a clearer picture of the top of the grille shell and radiator shutters I will be able to be more definate .
  3. Your Oldsmobile is a 1928 .Quite different to the 1927 Olds but very similar to 1929 and 1930. I restored a 1930 Olds and obtained pistons and rings from Egge Parts .Also obtained some mechanical parts from Then & Now Automotive AKA Antique Auto Parts Cellar.Wheel bearings and seals from the well known Obsolete Bearing and seal suppliers.Parts for these occassionally appear on Ebay. Yours looks like a very nice car and appears to have the original paint going by the photos . If there is anything specific you need to know please ask and I will answer if I can .I did a lot of research on 28
  4. The sedan that was in the Auckland area was two tone , black guards and top with a mustard / brownish colour in the centre. According to the owners son at the time his father salvaged from a wreckers yard.I saw it many times in late 60s and possibly early 70s as the owner lived in Avondale in a side street off the street I grew up in.They let an advertising agency use it for a petrol advertisement during which the engine was ruined so it was sold and has not run again since.Recently I saw photos of it on flickr in the Southward Museum storage shed taken on their recent open days.So I assume t
  5. I have known of two surviving Reo Royales here. There was a sedan in the Auckland area in the late 1960s and it is now stored in the Southwards museum awaiting restoration building. Also there was a Victoria coupe in the Christchurch area that I last heard of in the 1990s. It may still be there.Both of these are right hand drive .As with any car there are usually more surviving than are generally known so it would not surprise me if there are others. Reo sold well here back in the day.
  6. Looking good ! Watching with interest.
  7. Ron , the 32 Chev coupe you mentioned was featured in an early issue of "Restored cars" magazine.Issue number 22.
  8. Ian , there is an original 34 Dodge sedan on ebay at present with some interior photos that may help you with your project.
  9. It looks like a NZ registration tag below left headlight. The registration year would be shown on that. Oakland seems to have been fairly common here.
  10. The photo above posted by Bleach of the Chrysler and Hudsons in NZ shows the cars with licence plates for the year June 1927 to June 1928 as indicated by the star in the middle of the numbers.The middle symbol changed each year making it possible to determine the era .So the photo would have been taken then. I have enhanced in my photo programme for clarity.
  11. Hi Bleach. Here is a photo taken Jan 2012 at Wanganui , NZ, of 37 Studebaker and 34 Austin hearses still in service outside the undertakers premises . I am in no hurry for a ride in one though !
  12. Yes I take your point so here is an original photo instead.
  13. Here is a copy of the brochure.
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