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  1. Sawzall, Please provide contact info on Mac's for my vendors list.
  2. Glenn, Thank you for the reply. It is now posted on classicoldsmobile.com under "Vintage Olsdmobiles" I also emailed Chesrown Auto Group (still in business) and asked them for info. We'll see what I get back. Mike
  3. Thanks Restorer32, Aren't those wheelie bars cool? I wish I had a pair on my 48 Olds Woodie just to make people scratch their head. Any idea where that photo was taken? Anybody?
  4. I found this photo in another thread. Can anyone ID the time, place, and owner or driver of this car? I found it to be an amazing piece of drag racing history. Why anyone would want to race a heavy woodie station wagon is beyond me unless they had a special class. Just for the fun of it I guess. Thanks, Mike.
  5. Mike, Great looking car. I will be ready to tear into my '48 Olds woodie by years end. it is not nearly in as good of shape as yours. Not sure I have ever seen a '41. I would love to see interior photos. Mike
  6. Thought you Crosley fans might be interested in this car. 1948 crosley wagon
  7. Thanks Ed I didn't even know they existed. What a great company!
  8. Can anyone guide me as to where I can find new top material (Rubber/vinyl??) for my woody? Thanks in advance Mike
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. Looks like I'll stay with what I have. Mike
  10. I am in the process of restoring a 1948 Olds Station Wagon with a straight 8 257c.i. engine (110 HP). Mine is a Dynamic 68 with an automatic transmission. Looking through the specs I see that the 1948 Futuramic 98 straight 8 has 5 more horses, more compression and more torque. My question is - mechanically, what made the difference and can I easily upgrade my engine to those specs? Is it worth doing? Thanks in advance for any responses Mike
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