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  1. Thanks for the reply, I only need the grille, I will look into using one of the 2 that you recommend as I have seen those advertised. It will be a lot easier than finding the correct one for the oldsmobile.
  2. I ahve a 1935 olds business coupe that I am working on and I was wondering, Does anyone know if there is any other make or model Grille that will fit my 35 olds without a lot of body work ?? I am street rodding and I do not mind using anothe year or make ie buick, pontiac, or chevrolet. :)
  3. I need to buy a good platable grille for my 1935 olds 3 window coupe Any leads as to where I might find one would be appreciated. I will use a 6 or 8 clyinder, either one.
  4. Try installing a #557 Flasher, You should be able to find one at any reputable parts store. Also change the one for the emergency flashers (the same number will work there also).
  5. Thanks for the info, I will contact them !!
  6. I am sorry the title should read Want to buy !!!
  7. Hey, I NEED TO BUY SOME PARTS !!! If anyone out there has or knows where I might find parts for my 35 olds please let me know. I need 2 running boards, a hood ornament, and a grille insert, also 2 complete set of door hinges. THANKS !!
  8. Hi Crabby, to answer your question, no as of yet I have not located any hinges for my 1935 oldsmobile. If I get any info that will be of benifit to you I will pass it on, good luck on your end also.
  9. Hey fellow car lovers, I am in need of 2 sets, Right and left, door hinges for my 1935 oldsmobile coupe. Theis model has factory suiside doors. Iwould like to have new but would be happy with a good set of used ones. Any info where I might find them would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I am still waiting for a reply from you regarding the 1935 olds running boards. Please send me a message so I will know how we are progressing with the preperation of them !!! If it is to much trouble to get them sandblasted just let me know and I will handle that part. I would still like to have some pictures of them. 1935 coupe, thanks
  11. I have left a private message with the information you wanted from me, once you reply we will work out all of the other details.
  12. Thanks for the info, I was afraid that I was looking for a one year part, if you hear of one for sale please let me know about it, maybe I will get lucky !!Thanks
  13. Hi, I am working on a 1935 oldsmobile coupe, do you have or know where I might find a grille insert for it, also any info on what might fit the car so that I could use something else temporarily. ??
  14. Forget the measurements, If they are in good shape I do want them for the price that you quoted sandblasted and primed. please contact me and we will work out the details, Thanks !
  15. What body style (2 or 4dr), mine are approximatly 51-52" long. That measurement is rough not exact. I think that the running boards will fit from any style. My car is a business coupe. If WE think they will fit, I do want to buy them and I will also want them sandblasted and primed. Contact me via E MAIL and we will work out the details. greasemonkey1941@comcast.net