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  1. I have no information regarding the '36, but I picked up the frontend of a '38 in Evje a couple years ago. But I've heard Bjørn Heen is restoring a '36 model, maybe he has the one from Evje?
  2. Hii I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding the production number from General MotorsI International A/S Denmark from 1936 to 1940? Regards Ørjan Almeland
  3. This is a beautiful 1938 Oldsmobile truck with a Holden body. Oldsmobile had a full range of trucks alongside Chevy and GMC in the export markets, it included delivery vans, tankers, long beds, short beds, garbage trucks, buses, tractors and pickups. There were 3 major designs for the late 30´s olds trucks, the first in ´36 and the second change came in ´37 and lasted until ´39. In 1939 the design resembled the 1939 Chevy but with almost blank hood sides with just the olds emblem and a different grille. The Oldsmobile trucks were just rebranded GMC trucks made for export, with different grilles and emblems. In1939 they also used the GMC 228 truck engine. In Denmark, most of the trucks that was completely assembled at the factory were original GM styled cabs, some were metal cabs but some were made like the 1936 Chevy high-cab with a wooden-frame but with the same cab-styling as the current-year truck models in the US.. This was even done to the last of the Oldsmobile trucks for 1939, they used the 1939 cab-styling over the wooden-frame, but with 3 door hinges like the early ´36 high-cabs had. They also sold the types that were only assembled from the fueltank and forward, so you can find many a different cab types on these trucks in Europe. I actually have the frontend and dashboard from a ´38 Oldsmobile truck including the grille and the rare emblem, and a total wreck of a ´39 Oldsmobile C-159 truck (158 1/2" wheelbase) in my possession that I hope I can assemble some day, both of these trucks had/have the wooden cab frame as well. 1936 truck. Another Holden bodied olds, from 1937. Another 1938 Holden body. This is a 1938 truck with GM style cab, this truck ended up as a donor truck for my ´39. The picture is taken in the late 80s in Norway. The A-pillars had collapsed when I found it a few years ago. This is the 1939 Cab design.
  4. Hi Does anyone know if the front fenders from a ´37 Chevy,Gmc or Oldsmobile truck will interchange with a ´39 heavy duty truck from either brands? If not, are there other truck models that have fenders that can fit my ´39 Oldsmobile truck (which is a rebranded GMC)?
  5. I´m sorry for the late reply, I have been unable to reply and post new threads on the forum for a while. I got hold of a picture of that truck and it was a very nice 1936 modell.
  6. Hi I am interested in anything regarding the Oldsmobile trucks and buses that were exported to Europe during the 1930s. -Production numbers from GM International As in Denmark -Parts lists -Manuals -Parts -Info regarding Interchangeable parts etc. I hope anyone have some info regarding these vehicles, and thanks for the help in advance! - Ørjan Norway
  7. Finally after years searching for parts and info I feel ready to start the restoration. Last weekend we freed the car from the tree which it has been confined to since 1963.
  8. At last I have got hold of the original serial number for my truck. I contacted the national archives and they found the old licenplate numbers and all the information about the truck I need. It's a 1939 Oldsmobile C-159 buildt in april at the copenhagen plant in denmark. The truck was first registered on the 27th of january in 1940. And came to Voss on the 29'th of july 1950. So now I finally can start with the restoration.
  9. I finally found out that the truck is a 131.5" Chevrolet TA or TB (don't really know the difference between those two) 1.5ton truck. And it has been shortened in and it's now using a older drivetrain that fits the current length of the truck.
  10. Hi, There are some numbers on the transmission as well, but they confuse me since one of the numbers I searched after was for an '28 truck, did they use the same transmission for ten years? or is this number just for the case (590328)? the numbers are: 8mf 590389 590328 Any info would be very appreciated, thanks in advance.
  11. And also the intake number on that engine reads 838398, isn't that a 37-38 intake?
  12. Here is a picture of the side of the truck I took yesterday after we had moved it in doors. It is a late 30's front so it could be a 38. The guy he got it from said it was a 34 because of the mechanical brakes but we saw that it was a newer front on it. But we don't complain, it was free. :thumbsup:
  13. Hi, My friend has just gotten a old 30's Chevy 1.5 ton truck for free, but we are not quite sure what year it is. So we where hoping that the engine could give us a clue, since the body has been changed to a newer model and the information plate is missing. The engine number is: T1349057 Thanks in advance!
  14. I just recieved the magazine I ordered. And it seems like my truck actually is a early '39 that has been registrated in '38. The hood "doors" that the european truck came with in '39 didn't have any chrome,vent holes etc just like mine and the engine they used was the GMC 228 cid straight 6. So it's seems that the truck is all original except for the grille. And thats good news. And the article in the magazine also mentioned several people thats restoring or have restored oldsmobile trucks in Norway.
  15. I noticed yesterday that the holes for the wipers are below the window and not on top as for the olds,gmc,chevy truck I have seen? Has anyone seen this before?
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