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    Maxwell rotor

    Old buicks 2, I haven't forgotten about you. I do need a condenser and points for my Maxwell. Getting the specifics as to what I need, not so easy. I'm rarely at home due to a ridiculous work schedule, but hang in there and I'll get back to you in a few weeks or months.
  2. I've always felt like Eisenhower was fleeced when it came to interstate highway development and the national interest and military. Reality is, if speed was necessary, the military would use air travel before highways. But surely the Teamsters Union was for it. Let's have tax dollars pay for trucking interests. Living not far from I 78 there are so many trucks clogging the highways I'm surprised there isn't a substantial toll on truck transportation. There should be!
  3. I'm surprised it ended that early as well. I really never gave it any thought until now. Hence, this thread. Just assumed with many cars available in the 1920's it made sense for it to end then, especially if travel was local, but then you have folks such as U S Senators who have to service their constituency as well as travel to DC, so travel has to be more than just local. Not much in the way of industry there. Most there have money they earned elsewhere or inherited. I had neither and so I left. Canaan, about 10 miles away, Is more industrial. Tracks are still there, and freight trains too. Trains allow for segregation. Senator Walcott could have travelled in the first class car. Were such distinctions allowed when travelling by bus? My third grade teacher who had been there forever said the tracks were torn up for the WWII steel drive. Most of the railroad bed is still there. Some has been built on. A real shame. I might go back there if I didn't have to drive for a visit.
  4. And, what vehicle would an individual such as this, Skull & Bones, Yale, 1891, have driven, I would guess something like a Packard. Would he have driven it himself, or a chauffeur? Any attempt to drive all the way to DC from Norfolk? I actually am not interested in this exact individual, per se, but more in the automotive history of the times and means of travel of individuals of that sort. My family heritage is such that I do not come from such a glorified background, and I do not know if my ancestors of modest means would have even owned cars prior to WWII?
  5. Nothing really to brag about, but I was raised in Connecticut, Norfolk to be precise. (I have not lived there for nearly 3 decades now. Connecticut is a land where you have tremendous opportunity to be overtaxed and, in addition to this, in my case, at least, a tremendous opportunity to be underemployed as well.) I believe that passenger traffic ended there about 1927 or 1928, and freight traffic in 1938. The rails were pulled up in WWII as part of the steel drive. How this topic originated--I was researching this individual: So, here he is, residing in Norfolk, he just got elected to the Senate in 1928, passenger rail service to Norfolk ended about that time, and he needed to get to Washington, DC on a regular basis for the next 6 years. How would he have done it? I'm guessing he might have taken a private car to somewhere like Hartford, 30 miles away, and taken the train from there to NYC and then to DC??? Canaan, a town about 8 or 10 miles away still has rails. Perhaps passenger traffic traveled through that town much later than the late '20's?
  6. If it wasn't until the 1970's until speed and interstate highway travel was realistically possible, why didn't passenger rail service last in most parts of the country until then? It seems like it should have...
  7. How did one travel and make decent time after the demise of most passenger railroads and before the advent of interstates in the 1950's? What I mean is I'm really surprised that passenger railroad travel dropped off before the advent of interstate highways. Before then, travel would have been at best 2 lane roads. In my hometown railroad service started in 1871. Not long after, advertisements featured the ability to travel to NYC and tend to business and be home for dinner. Passenger rail service ended in 1927 or 1928. Not to say you couldn't drive to NYC and perform business transactions in the 30's and 40's and be home for dinner but I would think the railroad would be swifter and more relaxing.
  8. That's right, thumbs down to eBay. The few things I bought on eBay recently were possibly, maybe competitively priced, but no more with sales tax. I think they shot themselves in the foot. BTW, that Supreme Court ruling was wrong, wrong, wrong. Do governments have to get a cut of everything?
  9. When I clicked on this thread I thought I would open it up and see a photograph of a Prius.
  10. Chrysler Club site does not seem to have any Maxwell parts listed by club members. Further suggestions desired.
  11. Howard Dennis is a wealth of information. He is seeking parts as well so I thought he wouldn't have many available I should think. I never thought to go the Chrysler route! Thanks!
  12. What was the asking price on the 1905 at the flea market?
  13. Specifically 1917 Maxwell Model 25 parts. Not even sure if much of a Maxwell club even exists.
  14. Where do y'all find an array of parts for early cars that are less common, not cars like Model A Fords or Model Rd for which Snyder's and Bratton's exist? You can search eBay but you had better know your stuff. Most parts listed as being of a certain model year and make aren't even close!
  15. I think I have items priced high enough to cover shipping and make a few dollars...only a few. If I couldn't already sell these items offering free shipping, how then could these sell if the buyer has to also pay for shipping? Not the best items to sell on eBay unless multiple folks need said items now. I think the concept of free shipping is a terrible idea but required to remain competitive. Don't know why shipping items or objects is so expensive these days? It has to cost a significant sum in cancelled transactions. I know I've cancelled transactions on several occasions due to the cost of shipping.
  16. How can you even make it in the antique business today when nice quality 18th and 19th Century European and American pieces are selling for 10 to 20% of what they once did and the younger generations have no interest whatsoever in this stuff.
  17. Of course this is not eBay's fault, but as far as ending all auctions on the same day and shipping all at once... The auction for the oil pan ends and buyer immediately pays. He expects timely shipment and rightly so. Second of five lots that sold, still await payment which means that package didn't ship yesterday and another trip that could have been avoided. Money on that lot can't be the issue. Only sold for $5.99 plus shipping. When a business makes lots of money and sales are great, my hat off to you. Not sure how that works. I have always worked for someone else. I now understand how 1/3 of businesses fail in the first 5 years. Not a business venture, but a lot of work for a few dollars!
  18. Well, I was able to ship this FedEx Ground and squeak out a small profit as I got a discount for having an account at the FedEx office and being a repeat customer. My accolades to this individual! I didn't have to scrap a part that someone might find useful and a part I might never use just collecting dust. So, pleased to have it go to a good home. I think now eBay charges their premium on both the sales price and shipping so you can no longer sell low and ship high. They also now charge the buyer sales tax. No longer feels like an auction site, just a marketplace for bottom feeders extremely sensitive to the cost of an item and shipping. Not what I recall it originally being. My purchases on the site are now few and far between. Perhaps it's lost its charm with me, as well as (many) others?
  19. I had the USPS Ground quote but was looking for better options given I never expected it to sell so cheaply. I could have thrown it away, but that's wasteful.
  20. I would have thought the free shipping would have caused the oil pan to go for more. My rough calculations shipping across the country suggested USPS Retail Ground would be about $25. I priced it to move. Didn't get the multiple bids I expected. Once again, I hate to say it, but the typical American is broke and/or extremely thrifty. Other heavier lots priced more because of shipping didn't sell. Another lot of 10 car parts I priced for $29.99 shipping, $5.99 bid to start it sold for $5.99. EBay didn't seem to used to be that way...
  21. It was asked why I offered free shipping--bad idea... I had to! You start asking for payment of shipping and good luck getting a bid! I figured I would offer it for sale at what I guessed shipping might be and get a few dollars extra because maybe a few folks were interested. No such luck!
  22. It definitely won't fit in the largest flat rate priority mail box. I'm actually surprised how small the large box is! I'm guessing an oil pan with baffle for a Model A Ford weighs 10 to 15 lbs.
  23. I sold an oil pan with baffle on eBay. What's the best way to ship this affordably? I reserved the right in my ad to ship the cheapest way possible. EBay sales aren't what they used to be. Need to offer free shipping to even be competitive. Need a very low opening bid to even sell anything anymore. You hope that you get multiple bids and this is rare. Buyers want stuff cheap, never mind that the shipping is free. I'm at the point least someone can use it. Not sure how my competition can manage to sell bulky or heavy stuff and account for shipping and even break even.
  24. Adjusted accordingly, just a standard crankshaft.
  25. Further research suggests this is a counterbalanced crankshaft. It is for sale as I have no use for it. Anyone interested and possible value? Snyder's has them for sale for $1700 which seems nothing short of stratospheric.