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  1. They had no sense of safety. How many of the racers and spectators got killed.
  2. The 1930 Fisher Body Service Manual instructs you to glue and screw most of the body joints to make the body as rigid as possible. If the wooden frame is not made rigid and allowed to flex it will squeek, the paint and metal panels will crack and the screws will work loose.
  3. If you count automobiles 25 years and older in the USA there must be hundreds of thousands if not millions.
  4. Hi Drumyn 29, Your Plymouth is 30U not a 29. It has a 29U engine with the generator mounted where the 30U has a water pump. Features which identify it as a 30U are, the wide radiator shell, painted head lights, position of the serial number plate on the fire wall, Steel panel on side of roof above the doors, style of vents on side of hood (bonnet),etc. Grahams New Zealand.