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  1. Wow, some of y'all are being really hard on this guy. After the reception he got from some of you, when he said he might 'street rod' it, is it any wonder he hasn't posted on this thread any more? BTW, I looked and he visited the AACA forum 10 hours ago, so he's still active, just not on this thread.
  2. Thanks Nate for the pics. I didn't know this was a process that can be done at home. Great job!
  3. Congrats on the engine start! I enjoy following your progress via your posts.
  4. Nate, if you get a chance, I would really love to see a pic of the finished stitching. Thanks!
  5. The small plates are to block off the heat riser passages. Having the heat riser passages blocked won't effect the drivability of the car once it is warmed up unless you plan on driving it a lot in cold weather. However, it may take a lot longer for the automatic choke to open fully. Blocking off the heat riser passages is done frequently on collector cars that won't be driven in really cold weather. I don't do it, but others do. Are you still using the heat riser valve? As to the starter, are you sure that is actually a 6 volt starter? Or is it maybe a 12 volt starter? As to the RTV all over the intake gaskets, if the gaskets are new and the head and manifold surfaces are clean and smooth, all that mess should not be needed. A Studebaker V8 uses very similar gaskets, and I've never had a problem with them. I do, however, give them a good coat of Copper Coat spray prior to installing them.
  6. Great progress, soon you will hear that engine run! Are you making your own harness, or using a pre-made one?
  7. Good score on the engine Fleetwood! Looking forward to more reports on your progress getting it all back together.
  8. Please note that this thread is 10 years old, and "98blackss" is no longer registered as a member of this site, so I wouldn't expect an answer from them. But hopefully one of the knowledgeable Studebaker folks that frequent this forum can answer your question.
  9. Leather is looking great! Amazing what some loving care can do for old leather.
  10. Wow, looks great! And you must use the fastest painter in the country, sent it middle of March and got it back at the end of April!!!
  11. Ouch! And I bet those Sprint exhaust manifolds don't grow on trees either.
  12. Very nice! I had been wondering what was going on with the CD8 Roadster, thanks for the update.
  13. Great article in the latest Collectible Automobile magazine about the Pontiac OHC 6.
  14. Jake, my post on the SDC Forum got a response today from the main Admin. Hopefully you will hear from him soon. Here is what he said: "What happens is, if you haven’t been signed in for a long period of time (usually more than a year), the system deactivate your account and if it remains inactive for another year, deletes it. If I receive a request through the admin account to turn it back on, I can. i’ll look up Bryan’s account and see what I can do. Thanks for the ping."
  15. Jake, I posted over at the SDC Forum and specifically asked the main admin to help you.
  16. nsbrassnut, this is a very enjoyable and informative thread! I don't know much about Stanleys, but hope to learn more thru this thread. A lot of my interest is due to 40 years of steam experience via my career (but it was supercritical steam at 3500psig/1000deg F turbine inlet conditions). Thank you for taking the time to document your revival of this car!
  17. I'm not sure about the driveshaft hookup to the transmission. Maybe someone else here can answer that.
  18. Engine will be set up for a flywheel/clutch versus a torque converter; of course, the transmission will be different; manual will have clutch linkage; usually the rear axle ratio will be different between a manual and automatic; driveshaft length will be different. If you need specific part info, your best bet is to obtain a Chassis Parts Manual that covers your car.
  19. Not mine, saw it on Craigslist and seems like a really great deal for someone who needs parts, especially for only $500. Located in Alvin Texas. Link: https://houston.craigslist.org/pts/d/alvin-1914-studebaker-antique-car/7709309053.html Lots of good pictures. "1914 - ish Studebaker car chassis. Perfect for a 1910s speedster / race car project. $500 cash in person. ALVIN, TX 77511. About the size of a 1928 - 1931 Model A Ford frame"
  20. Very innovative repair using the aluminum slugs! Thank you for sharing in such detail.
  21. Definitely a thread to follow! Great pictures too. I bet beating on that head to get it off was scary...........glad to hear there was no damage.
  22. My unsolicited input: Option 1, completely original, doesn't sound like much fun to me . I think either Option 2 or Option 3 would be great. Cycle fenders and relocated sidemount spares is really 'dare to be different' and to me make the most impactful change while still looking like something that would have been done 'back in the day'. Whatever you end up doing will be great, because you are very creative.
  23. Cool truck, and great pics you found! What are your plans for it now?
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