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  1. I believe the "99" was just the prefix that the Ford and Mercury serial numbers were assigned beginning in 1939 and ending in 1946 for the V8 models. The "T" indicates 1 1/2 ton truck. Looks like you have a late model '44.
  2. Backacheacres: I just replied to your pm, and I mentioned the and sites. However, in reading your posts to this thread, I'm not sure if you are going to find what you're looking for on the 1944 SNs. I couldn't find anything specific for 1944, but I think I have confirmed that the final 1942 SN was 539426 and the first 1945 # was 623330. So if your number falls between those two, it is narrowed down a bit. With primary production in '43 and '44 being for the war, it is tough to find specifics on 1944 SNs...
  3. Ryan50: Haven't heard anything new about your truck lately. Did you make any discoveries when you last visited the truck? Hoping to learn more.
  4. That is interesting that the title is showing 1945. The truck might have a replacement engine that was a '45. That is why the original serial numbers were stamped on the transmission housing instead of the engine - since engine replacements were common. I don't know what the GST-72 number would be. You can look around on the below website which has a bunch of good info on the flatheads and serial numbers. Hope you can find some new info when you take another look at the truck. Ford Flathead Engines - VanPelt Parts & Service
  5. Ryan50: Have you sold your truck yet? Also, I was wondering if you had done any research on the serial number for your truck? The serial/engine number can be found beneath the access hatch on the transmission cover in the floorboard. The number is stamped on the transmission housing. It should be a 9 digit number preceded by a star and ending with another star. Your number should start with 99T, with the "T" indicating a 1 1/2 ton model. According to online research I have done, the remaining part of your serial number (for a true 1944 model) should be a number "lower" than 623330, as that is the first number of the 1945's. You have a very good looking truck and some great supporting documentation to go with it!