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  1. Hey All Currently looking to go out to the goo-rodge and pull my '88's tail-light assembly. I want to get it into my living-room/dude-cave and polish off the years of oxidation.I think it's one of the small "workings" that can make so much improvement in the visual appeal. Wish me luck folks!!!
  2. Hey All Don't be so quick to remove and shelve/toss the cassette player. I've picked up cassette-adapters for cheap and use them to hook up any smart-phone or iPod to the sound system in my daily driver. You can tuck the 3.5mm stereo audio cable neatly out of site if you want and even route the cable in the console to the storage area. You can put a crap-ton of your favorite songs on there - all in roughly the same size as one cd-case or one cassette-tape case. I plan on doing the same in my 88 and my 89 Reattae. It's a snap to pop your CD in your computer and convert the CD to mp3's, wma wi
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