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  1. My motor started knocking.... Does anybody have a series 1 supercharged or know anybody that does? I am not having any luck finding a replacement for my car
  2. Wow nothing on the car looks stock! Can you please post more pictures? Also what does it have under the hood?
  3. If you go to Home Page | O'Reilly Auto Parts you can look up the model and year of your vehicle. This will give you a variety of different pumps to choose from as well as the pumps compatibility with other GM models. The more expensive pumps are usually quieter I believe and have a better warranty. If you are looking to do any performance upgrades in the future I would use a stronger pump. IE my fuel pump went out and I replaced it with one for a supercharged v6 3.8 oldsmobile 88 regency elite. I then later put the supercharged motor in my car. In turn while I had the stock motor in my reatta the fuel pressure regulator delt with the extra fuel pressure and just sends it down the return line. I believe this might benefit the life of the pump also because it works more efficiently and can stay cooler with more returning fuel. Other then that you will notice no difference in performance over a stock fuel pump.
  4. I certainly do not intend to stop driving my car. I have however thought about preserving my driftwood and buying another Reatta to drive. As it is now my Reatta only sees a few hundred miles a month so it should last a while I hope!
  5. Those are super cheap speakers. For the work it involves to even take the door panels off to replace the speakers you might as well put some speakers in that are halfway decent. Get some 40-50$ speakers from walmart trust me its worth it over those.
  6. Kevin- I agree I like the wheels and the brown paint together along with the lowering.
  7. BUICK REATTAS Check it out guys.I wanna know how he lowered these cars?
  8. Can you post a picture of your car (gotitright). I am very curious to know what those wheels look like on the reatta. I think 17 is perfect size for these cars. I'm exploring options for my car now. I like the look of the 17 inch mustang GT's but If the LuCerne wheels look good I would rather have them on my car and keep it GM.
  9. Eaton M90/M62 Supercharge series I and II. - YouTube This video should help you. This guy has a large number of videos about building and taking care of your supercharger.
  10. I think you will find that daniel is right and it is cheaper, easier, and more reliable to use the whole engine. They may look the same but the internals are most definetly not. WE have both done the series 1 S/C swap on our reattas. Words from experience also make sure you rebuild your supercharger, with whichever rout you decide to take.
  11. That is true Marck. Money and time go hand in hand but over all very little modification is needed to make it work depending on what you want. I did a barebones swap and used my gm reman 440 trans.
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