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    I am an author of books on the Vanderbilts. I have just purchased a Vanderbilt Stutz
  1. Thanks so much Victor for you kind advice. Fortunately I have had some luck in locating a mirror and in fact now find myself with two double mirrors. If anyone wants one let me know. By the way one of them has gold beveled glass that looks to be original. Has anyone seen this before?Thanks again for you kind advice. Steve
  2. I just need to say this one more time. George McMurtry is the kind of guy that puts a smile on my face. Thanks George!!!!!!
  3. Great News!!!!! They are off!!!! I owe it all to Custom Made Wheel Pullers for any make Antique Car. $140.00+shipping George McMurtry² #4573 Box 112 Bayard, NE 69334 308-586-1930 George made one for me and it worked great!!!!! He is one terrific guy. He knows his stuff. But here is the true story of a real gentleman. I measured wrong the first time out. George made me up a new one within a couple of days. He was able to send the first one off to another desperate guy and sent me my new one at no charge. It worked like a dream. Thank you George.
  4. I guess we have to tell my wheel that. :-) She refused to budge when I did exactly that. Subborn cuss. Steve
  5. Thanks so much for your help. I will try it this weekend. In the meantime I destroyed my puller in the process. Does anyone know where I can purchase a puller? Thanks for all your help. Yes I am a member of the Stutz club. Steve
  6. I live in Huntington Long Island, about in the middle of the Island. My Stutz is a Speedster, AA, 1926. Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Steve
  7. Hi folks. My rear wheels won't come off. We have tried everything we know. We created a pulling tool, cranked down hard on it, applied heat, hammered away at it and nothing gives. The brake cylinders need some work or I wouldn't mess with it. I have wagon wheels on a 1926 Stutz speedster. Any advice? Is there a tool that works? How do we pull the wheel without damaging the spokes? As always I am grateful for the help. Steve
  8. Hey Wrench, What model 26 AA do you have? I have one as well, a speedster. Thanks, Steve
  9. Please take a look at the wire wheels. I need a set. thanks for posting, Steve
  10. How do I determine if LeBaron designed it? Thanks for helping me figure this out. I really appreciate it. Today was the first time I drove the car. It was a terrific feeling. My best, Steve
  11. I still need a few parts for my 1926 open touring car. Does anyone know where I can get a rear view mirror for an open top car. It has a three bolt pattern and I am told that the mirror was a two part mirror. Thanks, Steve
  12. I purchased a 1926 Speedster that was owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt recently. I am told that there was a sales newsletter sent to dealers at the time the car was delivered to Vanderbilt that featured this vehicle. Does anyone have a copy of this newsletter. It would mean a lot. I would be pleased to pay anything reasonable. Thanks, Steve
  13. Wow, you guys are helpful. As I reported in my last thread my engine appeared to be overheating. I received incredibly good feedback and tried to adhere to all of it. I took off the water pump and used the resulting port to flush out the engine. Quite a bit of rust and gunk came out. I flushed the radiator in reverse and then put a garden hose with a narrowed tip into the water pump port and flushed it some more. Two weeks ago I got a 180 degree temperature and overflowed within an hour. Now the temperature gauge shows 160 degrees, increasing to 170 degrees when sitting at idle. I used a Micro Temp laser gauge to measure temperature in the radiator and obtained the following results in degrees F, going from top to bottom in four rows, 186, 172, 184 169, 168, 172 164, 163, 166 159, 166, 167 Could anyone tell me if these temperatures in a honeycomb radiator represent reasonable temperatures. I was running for ten miles at a top speed of 45mph. Ambient temperature was about 65 degrees. The engine coolant was water with water wetter. The engine did not appear to overheat and ran quite smoothly. Thoughts. Thanks again for all of your help. Steve:D
  14. My Speedster has a tag on it that says American Body Company of Philadelphia. I don't know if that makes it as good as a LeBaron.
  15. I believe I have joined the Stutz club. Thanks much for the suggestion. Steve