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  1. Ouch!!, thanks for the honesty BJM. Really I do mean it though. I have had little time to work on it also, kids in sports and everything. I do appreciate your direction. I have had it up on Craigslist for $1500 or best offer. I suppose my lazyness is why I didn't change the asking price on this posting. So as a posting update price cut $1500 or best offer on the wildcat. I will not be offended by any offer, just want to try and get my money back out of it. Thanks again
  2. Hey everyone, still have the car, not much has changed. Still cannot get it running. Need to get rid of it, getting too much heat at home. Give me your best offer. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the help, I'm actually located in Antioch, IL. about 5 sec. from the WI border.
  4. John, yes i still have the car, but i still cannot figure out how to post pictures on this site. the email acc. is still good, email me and i can send you pics. Jim
  5. Deanoko, I too have a rochester 4jet gc on a 1964 buick wildcat, I rebuilt the carb and it is now flooding out the motor. did you rebuild yours' or did you have someone else do it. if you did it you self i could use some advice. thanks
  6. For Sale 1964 buick wildcat located north east Lake County IL. Condition is currently rough, not running, mostly surface rust Milage it about 78,000 Asking $1500.00 obo Car is all original from what i can tell, has all crome and good glass, missing one hubcap Still haven't been able to get pic working i can email them to you, mine is jpb76@sbcglobal.net
  7. I bought this 1964 buick wildcat 4dr hardtop, 401 nailhead, 4gc carb. A few months ago with plans on fixing it up with my boys. Rebuilt the carb, apparently not the right way and can not get it fired up, haven't touched it for a month now. Thinking about just selling it and getting my garage back. Mostly surface rust with some pin holes in the trunk and underneath the back seat. All the rubber needs to be replaced. Not sure what the car maybe worth. I did get it to fire up but it flooded out to quick. bypassed the gas tank to get fresh fuel to it as a temp thing. Wanted to hear it run first. A
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