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  1. Woo Hoo! Finally found them. Interested in locating an original Roadster windshield frame now. Z
  2. Let's try again....??? Any Original windshield parts..... Uper/Lower stanchions......a frame???? Thanks, Chad
  3. Spring is Sprung, The Grass has Ris, I wonder where some stanchions is?
  4. I've used their stuff also Lee. I don't have any trouble finding nice reproduction stuff. I'm having a difficult time finding original lower '32 stanchions. Z
  5. Still looking. I have a restored 1932 Ford Column Drop to trade. Z
  6. Thanks, I've tried all of that. I have been working every angle i can. I still have a couple of leads and the swaps will be starting soon so maybe some parts will come out of their winter hiding spots. Z
  7. Searching for original 1932 Ford Roadster stanchions. Need one passenger side lower stanchion (unlikely to find solo) or a pair. May be interested in original upper stanchions and original windshield frame. Thanks! Chad zaemo@mac.com
  8. Thanks Dick, I have been on the HAMB for years. I have want ads for this stuff on there also. All the good stuff gets snatched up really quickly over there! Chad
  9. Looking for any parts associated with a LZ dual coil for V8 conversions. Looking for a 4 lobe cam made by W&H (I think) for the LZ. I know how to convert and integrate the V8 and LZ ala Dean Moon but I want to see how the other companies did their conversions or what was in the conversion kit. Any old dusty unused conversion kits left on a shelf out there? Spaulding, DuCoil, Potvin, Harmon Collins Thanks, Chad
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