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  1. @1fun37 thank you for pointing out the engine sizes to me, I was not aware of the available sizes back then. Since I would like to have a good sound with a strong engine, but still original style I'd choose a 283 V8. If anyone has an idea where to get one, please let me know. Regards, Tom
  2. Hi, my name is Tom and I am from Germany. I just bought a 59 Chevy Apache short bed pick up truck, which is under restauration in Florida. It has a 6 cylinder engine, and I would like to change it to V8 engine 348. Now, here in Germany we have a very hard technical inspection, and they check your car before you get it registered. We have a thing called "oldtimer status" which enables you to pay less tax and less insurance for classic cars if everything is original. Now, if I put in a modern V8 engine I would loose oldtimer status, and therefore I look for a original 59 Apache engine. If the Im
  3. Hi Pete, thank you for your help. I know hydro-e-lectric since I bought a couple of replacement hoses for the power windows. Will call them today to see what they say. Any idea where to get a preasure pump? Best regards, Tom
  4. So for a while we had an issue about the hydraulic pump. I started another thread after the power windows didn't do a gread job. You can follow my old thread here: http://forums.aaca.org/f162/1947-buick-series-50-conv-hydraulic-326327.html#post1032313 So as it looks right now, the pump is broken. There is no movement on power windows or seat or top. So my question is where to get a new pump or to have one rebuilt. We are also in the need of a preasure gauge to read the pumps actual power. As always, any help is welcome. Tom
  5. Hello again, in the process of renewing the hydraulic hose for the power window, we found that some of the little pressure rolls wich guide the window glass, are missing, locatet in the window gap, on top of the door frame, hidden under the chrome rail. I did not have a camera to shoot a picture of what I am looking for. So I hope my description will work. So would anyone know where to get such little pressure rolls? Regards, Tom
  6. We still use brake fluid, and running the pump for a long time leaves the pump hot. Would it harm the pump, once we open and close the top about ten times? We did open and close the top for about 15 minutes, but the pump sounded normal, but overall impression was: car parked in an angle, systems works, car parked leveled system is slow. Another thing we noticed: after refilling the reservoir with new break fluid and operating the top about five times and taking down the reservoir after, we found dirty brake fluid in the reservoir bucket. So we change it again and after a while we check the bra
  7. So we made some progress on working on the pump system last week. Quite intersting is, the car was parked on a ramp, and my buddy checked the top and the windows. Top and windows worked perfectly, but once the car was standing straight, the top was about half fast as on the ramp and the windows only came up half way, and no more. Because of that, we believe that there is air in the system, since I installed a new hose to the window cylinder passenger door. Would anyone of the members here know how to bleed the hydraulic sytem on the 1947 Buick series 50 super 8 convertible? Thank you, Tom
  8. Hi Mike, thank you for the info, can you name me the correct title of the early 50s Motor Manual. Is it an own brand or one of the manuals of that time. And is it correct that both windows move when we push both switches, but pushing only passenger side will not work at all? Can a wrecked pump cause such a habit? Where could I get a pressure gauge together with the correct fitting? Best regards, Tom
  9. Hi Pete, thank you for your reply, how hard was it to take out the pump. Do you have a manual which shows how to open up the pump. Tom
  10. Check out Bobs automobilia and Steele Rubber. I bought the door weatherstrip for our 47 Super 8 at Stelle Rubber and some cement to it. it worked great. Tom
  11. At our 1947 Buick, the hydraulic hose in the passsenger door was broken and therefore I replaced it. After reasembling all, I noticed that the passenger window would not operate from the driverside switch. So I sent the switch to hydro-e-lectric, and they fixed it. Now, the other day we installed the switch, but same problem, no control of the passenger window from driver side. So we played a bit around an coincidental we found out, that if we push both knobs up or down (driver and passenger) the passenger side window moves up and down, too. But using only the driver side passenger window
  12. So here are a couple of pics of the old clutch. Best regards, Tom
  13. Hi there, who would know where I can get a new clutch disk for our 1947 Buick super eight 46C. Please send any sources. Clutch is bad, so far I didn't find any suitable parts. Thank you, Tom
  14. Hello, I am in the need of someone whol could sell me original style Buick Sequoia Cream color. It is somewhere around a mustard yellow color. I got the info from a color chart book, where it also shows Comb. 47-14 printed next to the color. tom
  15. Hi Matt, thank you very much it is a good size, and by the way, you got a great business, nice cars on your website. best regards, Tom
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