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  1. thanks, Yeah, I am not a car collector but happen to know where a dale fiberglass body sits....there is an old man who has probably about 60-80 old cars and numerous other old things hidden away in his very large backyard. He does not seem to want to sell anything, one guy offered him $10,000 for an old rusted car back there and he told him "if I want $10,000 I will go to the bank and get it". He did sell my wifes uncle 3 scooters which he restored. I was just curious as to the value of the dale since it is pretty rare and unknown.
  2. Has anyone heard of the 1974 dale? Fiberglass body, suppost to get 80 MPG. pretty interesting story. Long story short, there are 3 known prototypes, two owned by collectors and one in a museum. If there were another unknown dale fiberglass body does anyone have any clue about what it could be worth?