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  1. Looking for a GOOD 1971-72 Pontiac Grand Prix front bench seat, black preferred. Thanks in advance
  2. Need the cable assemblies for 49 Buick Super heater/defroster dash pull handles. I have the chrome handles but need the assembly that attatches to it with cable/sheath going to vents under hood. Thanks !!
  3. Nope !! VERY difficult to find, Im still needing one. I see the gravel shields on ebay often.
  4. Thanks guys, that was it. I had NO free pedal play. I gave it about an inch of play and took it out 3-4 times and no dragging. What threw me off was that it only started doing it after driving a bit, I kept thinking it was shoe adjustment or something. On to another problem !! THANKS !!!
  5. That sounds like a good idea, I will inspect and adjust tomarrow. Wouldnt that be a problem though all the time ? It doesnt happen untill a few miles of stop and start driving ?
  6. yes, everything is brand new, hydraulic and mechanical. To me it seems heat related ????
  7. Hi, My 49 Buick is back together after a complete body off restoration. My problem is while driving on normal roads and braking normally, my pedal gets hard and I get a drag from the brakes. Ive found this to be the rears. After it sits awhile it is back to normal. The shoes are adjusted correctly when cold, all lines are new and routed exactly as they were originally. Any input on what is happening ? Thanks in advance Al
  8. Im looking for a very good condition, meaning straight and no dents, rear fender spear for a 49 Buick Super. It goes on the rear 1/4 panel about knee high, approx 49" long. Thanks
  9. Hi, Mine are size 7.60-15, thats the recommended size. I bought them from Coker tire, they are 3 3/8" wide whitewall. Im not sure what the original WW width was, I am trying to find that info.
  10. Hi, ok, the rivet holes for the 5 clips are on a 9 1/8" dia..... they are actually mounted on the back side and pass thru a slot to protrude on the front side of the wheel. This slot is on a 9 7/8" dia. Hope this helps, I can send more pics or info if you need it
  11. Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes it is teardrop shaped, I was only looking for the correct spring really, although I would take a cover/spring combo if necessary. If Im not mistaken, you put the cover into the hole and then slip the spring on from the back. Ive attatched a couple pictures. Thanks Al
  12. This post caught my eye. I just had my trunk handle replated, and when I took it apart, the spring for the lock cover, "flipper" broke apart. Im trying to find a spring for it. Ive had no luck with the usual Buicks parts places. I tried making one out of a spring but its not working to well, I dont want to lose it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Al
  13. There are 5, here is a picture, I can measure the dia tomarrow http://49buick.com/100_5597.JPG
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