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  1. Your diagnostics were right on target. It was the CPS. It was no easy task to replace because of my lack of tools. But having done it, the car fires right up and you have saved ole blue from the scrappers. Thank you so much! 1988 Blues
  2. I stored my car last winter and when the weather got a little nicer this spring I started it up and pulled out into the driveway to let it idle and charge the battery. It ran for about 20 minutes, then sputtered and stalled. I figured that I was running low on gas and added 2 gal.. I have not been able to start it since then. I can hear the fuel pump come on when I turn the key and I hear it shut off when it reaches pressure. I have taken off the rubber hose connecting the air filter to the throttle body and depressed the throttle to open the passage and sprayed starting fluid into the throttle body and then cranked it over to no avail. Not even a sputter. It seems that there is no spark. I have replaced the ignition control module and the coil pack but still not even a sputter. I'm lost on what to try next. Any advise? I love my little 1988 Blue Reatta with 120k, but how do I get it back on the road again? 1988 blues