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  1. You can contact Toby he is our President of the 54/55/56 Crown Victoria Club he will know 1-800-367-8536 Ford Road Parts Store. Good luck. Cheers Ron.
  2. Chequenman: Thank you for bring me up to speed. Cheers Oldgas
  3. Could send the Pictures of the 57 Convertible parts? Thank you for your time. Oldgas
  4. Hello Bill: I understand on your request my pals Name is Ed Martel that is in need of the taillights his cell # 586-234-1794 if you care to call him. Thanks for your time. Ron.
  5. Bill: Can you give me your phone # in re-guards to the T-Bird tail lights. Or if it suits you better please call me 905-854-5995 Thank you again. Cheers Ron.
  6. Hello Bill: Thank you for your reply to my quest on the tail lights I have asked on behave of a pal that has no computor he is out of town for a couple of days. Could I have your phone # & I will leave a message for him to call you & I will say out of the middle. On behalf of my pal thank you for your time. Ron.
  7. Hello Roman: Seen your post on the 57 Skyliner I wrote a note stating if you were interested in selling the T-Bird valve covers & if you are going to the All Ford Show in Carlisle in June? Cheers Ron 905-854-5995.
  8. Hello: Seen you 57 Skyliner & your post on the extra parts I myself have a 58 Skyliner that I'm working on. Anyway are you intrested in selling the T-bird valve covers if so what do you need & are you going to All Ford Show in Carlisle in June. Cheers Ron 905 854 5995.
  9. Would you have the tail lights for the 67 or 68 T-Bird ( red Plastic) & the top & bottom mouldings? or know of were I could purchase these items? Thank you for your time. Ron.
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