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  1. You're missing a wonderful opportunity here Ed! Man I would love to sit in that container across the Big Pond, just me and my Riviera and sufficient amounts of beer and Beef Jerkey. No telephone, email, wife, kids, chores or stress. Give it a second thought, I'll even arrange the genuine traditional Finnish ritual we do when buying a car. As you can imagine, it involves the Sauna and hard drinking in such proportions that lesser men suffer 1st degree burns and brain damage.
  2. Hi guys, Coming back to this topic: Moving slowly but surely, I am a bit closer to getting the transmission swap done. I bought the converter piece by Russ Martin (found it second hand in Finland) and now I would be happy to get some additional advice: Can someone point me to a respectable/dependable transmission shop, who could sell me a re-built 700R4 or 200R4 tranny? I have a quite good setup on the shipping over to Finland, but as you can understand, the before mentioned qualities are essential for me because I can´t just stride over and look the shop owner in the eyes. And by the way, which one should I prefer (I know this can be an eternal question) and is there big variations within for example 700R4:s? Also vendors for the other stuff needed in the swap would be highly appreciated! Thanks! Lasse
  3. There are two things my tiny northern brain can't understand: 1) Why would you want to put A tv, or indeed 7 as in this case, into your car? I drive my Riv to escape all thet crap. 2) if a guy obviously has the talent, time and financial resources to do that, why did he do THAT?
  4. Thanks for the info. Damn, I was afraid of that. Another question on the new pins themselves: Are they supposed to be so LONG? I got mine from CARS and they are like 10 cm/4 inches long. When comparing to the hinge and whatever is in there now, these are way longer. Will they fit or did they sell me the wrong ones? Lasse
  5. Hi, Want to change my hinge pins (& bushings), what needs to come off? Fender? Hope not. Any tips or tricks? Thanks! Lasse
  6. Problem solved! Or kinda, at least I have stop lights. The bulb and ground were OK, but tilting the wheel from position to another did the trick. So Tom was on the money, the signal control cable must be checked. Thanks guys, you saved my day! Lasse
  7. Thanks Tim, that partly solved my problem. I popped the hood and whadayaknow, the connector was loose from the switch. I attached it and got the left brake light back but not the right one. Bad connector or bad switch? But at least I'm in the correct general area. Lasse
  8. Hi guys, Direction signals work, tail lights work, everything else works but the stop lights don't. If I understood correct the stop lights and direction signals are in the same fuse so that is not the problem. So where do I start my hunt? Thanks! Lasse
  9. Don´t worry about it Ed, you´re our absolute favorite no-lifer.
  10. On a -63 it is quite loud, compared to any modern car. I suggest you crank the blower to max, pop the hood and put your ear on it. Is the sound just a loud "swoosh" or is there some high pitch noise from a bearing or such?
  11. It's a great part of this hobby (or should I say lifestyle) to gain this experience, bit by bit and problem after another. But I sure hope my learning curve was a bit more aggressive, this is tough on my wallet and mental health. But; The Princess is back on the road and summer is almost here, life is great! You guys are allright. Lasse
  12. Done! And as usual, Jim nailed the cause and fix. A healthy burst of WD-40 (standing on my head) to the cable housing was enough. Thanks man. A little off-topic, this was again a prime example of my tendency to over-analyze every problem. I was all geared up to pull the speedo and what not, didn't even cross my mind that a simple squirt of oil could be enough. I guess that's called "experience".
  13. The needle bounces pretty wildly, even in slow speeds. Hard to describe the noise, it's a loud rattle. I' ll try Jim's oil trick first, let' see. Thanks! Lasse
  14. Hi guys, Spring is here and I finally got my baby back on the road, feels fantastic! But: The speedo noise is driving me nuts. I already changed the cable once, didn't help. What do I do next? Thanks! Lasse