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  1. I was informed it was the metal brake line that runs from front to back or vis versa Thanks for any / all comments!
  2. I was told my brake line was severely rusted and should be replaced? I was qouted 500 for replacement. Help! I am sure you guys know better!
  3. Thanks Everyone, I am going to go to a Pro!
  4. Has anyone tackle replacing the headliner on the Hardtop? Any instructions floating out there, youtube videos, Anything. Or do I just Pay "The Man".
  5. Thanks for eveyones input, I have replaced the rims, and sold the 3 good ones, again Thanks!
  6. Please, what city did you see them listed on craigslist?
  7. 1). Does anyone have and or know someone with stock Rim for a 91 TC (1 of mine is bent, beyond repair.) 2). If I had to buy a new set what price range should I sell my 3 stock rims w/ center caps for?
  8. I would love to have that top how is 200? 703 554 2104 Michael
  9. still have? call @ 703 554 2104 Michael
  10. You wouldnt happen to still have that Hard Top? Please call me 703 554 2104 Michael
  11. I would love a Hard top i you still Have it! 703 554 2104 Michael
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