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  1. Marc, Neat project. Your's looks very similar to the better of the two doodlebugs I got last year. Like you I was curious about the paint. I'm sure Scooter Guy can steer us accurately, but somewhere I read that the correct color was the same as a red stripe used on old Cessna airplanes. I had my auto paint supplier look it up and he came up with Cessna Flag Red as the color. I had a small amount mixed in acrylic enamel so I could test it. Looks pretty close to me. Just thought I'd pass it on. vr Greg
  2. Scooter Guy, Thanks so much for the rapid reply. Finding this forum today motivated me to drag my running scooter out from under the work bench. Kicked it twice and it fired right up. I measured what I thought to be a fairly accurate guesstimate for belt size and went to my local Autozone with the data. No luck. By the way, I came up with 30" on the inside which equates to 33" outside diameter, but my assumption is that your reference of 33" is to the inside dimension. I'll go to NAPA tomorrow and try my luck at the 33". I have another question if I may. I was looking at the photos
  3. I have two Hiawatha Doodlebugs. One is running but not driving due to clutch issues. The other is still a basket case. Glad to see this activity here. For the longest, there has been very little reference on the internet. Any ideas on the exact length or belt number for the drive belt on a Super? Neither of my scooters had a belt when I got them about a year ago. Great thread.
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