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  1. Looking at the '54-'55 IH parts catalog and they still show the RH lamp as optional. I believe that the statement about the mandantory turn signals would probably coinside with the mandantory use of dual tail lamps
  2. IHC used Contential until '49 in the KB 12 and KB 14 trucks. It was a 572 cid engine
  3. You might check with some of the military surplus equipment dealers. The military used quite a few OD transmissions. White Owl in NC, Clark Truck in WV, Memphis Equipment in TN, Seco in Augusta are just a few that I have dealt with in the past. You will need the info off the data plate. The main drive and the output shaft can vary in size depending on the application.
  4. Probably some of the same vehicles I saw when I went down there just prior to the revolution.
  5. Already taken care of the fuel problem. It seems one of my friends had turned my programmer wide open and the truck was seriously over fueling. Just got a new sample back, <1% fuel dilution, probably most of that was in the almost gallon of oil that stays in the engine when the oil is changed
  6. For the ones here that may question the ZDDP in modern motor oils (CJ-4), here is a recent analysis of a sample I sent in. Probably more ZDDP after almost 5,000 miles than was in oil in the '60's or '70's. E64221.pdf
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