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  1. MADE A HUGE MISTAKE! It's not a 1962, it's a 1961! I'm very sorry for the mix up. Are these years interchangeable for the Buick Special?
  2. NTX5467 It's completely legal, no worries. The fuel cells are a good suggestion, but that's my plan B. Pete, I need to get a new float and sending unit either way, the old one is done for. Could you send pics of the fuel tank you are offering? Thanks!
  3. COMPACTBC I am in cleveland ohio. I've searched everywhere. I've talked to 2 people who said they would search, but the chances are slim. I am trying to find any type of replacement at the moment, it doesn't have to be from a this specific model (though that would be nice). I'm also not sure as to what fuel tanks from that era, makes and/or models would fit a 1962 buick special. All the help is greatly appreciated. I just need to get the tank so I can remove it from it's current location, before the owner decides to take it elsewhere. Thanks!
  4. I am in the process of buying a 1961 Buick Special from a friend of mine, but the only problem is it needs a fuel tank. I've been searching all over the internet for a solution. Can anyone direct me to a place where I can find one? Or maybe if anyone knows of where to get a replacement fuel tank for this vehicle? I would greatly appreciate it and thank you! Bobby