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  1. Thanks for the help, your information helped me a lot. The engine is already repaired and working again. Now I just have to watch the temperature. Don't know what the operating temperature of a cooled engine without a pump is?
  2. I need to replace the cylinder head gasket on my 1925 Chrysler 58. There are numbers and letters on the engine block next to the head bolts. I don't know what they mean, because the process of tightening the nuts should be about the center of the head, rotationally or crosswise. According to those numbers and letters, that would not be possible. Don't know how Chrysler prescribed the cylinder head tightening procedure? And what tightening torque did he prescribe? Another question is that I didn't have any washers under the nuts. Probably someone didn't assemble them during those 95 years, or were the nuts assembled without washers already in production? I hope I wrote it clearly, the Google traslator had to help me a lot.🙂
  3. Thank you all for your help and documentation. I finally got a new bearing from Timken with the same dimensions I needed. My car is driving again !!!!
  4. When I measured the real diameters, they were in inch. Timken Europe is looking for a similar bearing in their production. So let's see if he finds anything. But I would prefer to have the original old bearing so that the car has as many authentic parts as possible. My dream is for the car to be as it left the factory in 1925.
  5. Thanks, so I'll have to try the old fashioned way
  6. Don't know the Olcar Beraring email address? Speaking English is difficult for me, my translator helps me to write.
  7. My 1925 Chrysler 58 has a damaged outer tapered roller bearing on the front wheel. The Chrysler parts catalog contains the following information: Outer bearing cone 10591 outer bearing roller 10596 and outer bearing cup 10592. Only cone and roller are damaged. Do you know what the new designation for this bearing is and where could a replacement be found? Or does anyone have this bearing? Unfortunately in Europe, most bearings are metric. The bearing is manufactured by Schaffer. Thank for you help.
  8. Hi Viv, thank you for the photos and dimensions. I'll do something like that, too. Just for the differential I will make a small elevation, as I have in the box in the floor in front of the rear seat. However, this is because the rubber hardy clutch on cardan interfered all the way up. I hope I translated the word correctly.😀 I also enclose photos of my boxing solution in the floor in front of the back seat with separate box for jack. marbeton
  9. Still photograph courtains as I made them and box under front seat.
  10. If there are courtains (6 pieces) in boxes in three doors, then I do not know how to look right. For every door that has to open with courtains, there should be some load-bearing structure. I made something up according to other manufacturers, because I do not know how to look right, but the supporting structure I do not fit into the boxes in the door. That's why I have them all stored in a box under the front seat. When I bought the car, the upholstery of the door was already rebuilt several times, so I just copied it and in the front door I made a small box for small things down. On the back of the front seat were the remains of the original box and bracket for getting up from the seat and I did the original. Maybe during the winter break, I can even make the boxes in the door to make it look original. If someone else has more pictures, it would help me make them right. Boxing under the back seat I will do this week. It will be just a simple box. During the renovation I made an even smaller box for jack and tools in the floor in front of the back seat. I will probably keep it there because it is easier to access them. And finally, as I searched for the details of my car, I discovered that Chrysler had called his two types six and four since the start of production. Only in December 1925 is renamed the B-70 and 58. So my car should be correctly labeled as Chrysler four. It was made in September 1925. The radiator is also emblem marked four. Marking 58 was only from the year 1926. Do I have the right information? Odeslat zpětnou vazbu Historie Uloženo
  11. The location in the door is interesting, I have not seen anywhere and I did not know about it.When I renovated the front door, so their wooden frame remained original, but no remnants of any construction I saw there. But as you write, there would be only complications (weight, rattling) and I probably will not do this. In the original picture it is written that coutains were in pockets in three doors. Somehow I can not imagine how they fit, when there should be 5 pieces and a load-bearing structure to open the door with courtains. I'd rather stay with the box under the front and back seats. Thanks for the help.
  12. Hi Viv, the box under the front seat has been renovated, as can be seen in your photo. Luckily there were some leftovers and I did it accordingly. Now I have the curtains stored. I already have the pocket on the back of the front seat, but it's only for some small things. There's definitely no jack. The most important help for me is the box under the back seat. Nothing has been preserved, so your information is important. I had no idea that in addition to the jack there was a rim split tool. If you found some leftovers you could send me their photo with dimensions, it would help me a lot. Also the information that the front and back floor had other materials is important to me. Because it is an open body, there was certainly no carpet, but rather rubber. I've seen a few photos from other cars, where the front floor is only wooden, so I probably do it as well and the back floor will be covered with rubber. Thanks a lot for your help.
  13. Yes, production of the 58 began in July 1925, but each year since July ran the next model year. So the 1925 model year was not. The first was 1926, although part of the cars were produced in 1925
  14. According to FEDCO was made in September 1925.
  15. Under the front seats I found the remains of the box, so I know about it. Depending on the depth, however, it can only fit the curtains. I couldn't find anything under the back seats, so there might be something there. Nothing in the floor in front of the rear seats? I would like to have everything exactly according to the original, as it was made in 1925 and therefore I look for any details. Thanks for the help. marbeton
  16. I could not find where my 1925 Chrysler 58 with bodywork touring had a jack and tools. There were probably curtains under the front seat, but there was another one or two boxes for the jack and tools I couldn't find. Can you advise me, or even send photos or a sketch of where they are and what they look like? Probably coach and sedan will be in the same place. I also need to know if there was any cover on the front floor or just wood and lacquered. There was probably a cover at the back floor. Suppose rubber. Thank you very much for your help. marbeton
  17. That's great Now only the price and shipping and if I can pay via PayPal and I would order it immediately. marbeton
  18. Hi maok, Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed. In my starter, I found only the remnants of one spring support, and I didn't know there were to be a total of two pieces. But in addition, I found there remains of one very small spring ( you can see in my pictures), which is not even in your picture. Do you know if she belongs to something and what she should do there? Do you still have a picture to find out? I would like everything as an original from the production and therefore I look for what to be right. Thank you marbeton
  19. Hi Jeff, it's great that you have a new Bendix drives. Can you send me his photos and the price including shipping? Unfortunately I do not speak English well, so we do not speak the phone. Google translator will help me the most. 😀 Thanks marbeton
  20. Thanks for the description. But I need the DELCO catalog, which also contains the part number of each component. Then I could look for a specific part. Can't anyone send me a scanned part where the starter parts are? It's not at all in the Chrysler master parts list. Thank you marbeton