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  1. The rear seats are not much visible in the photos. I have verified that the car was in Prague as a taxi and that the rear seats should be. It is possible that after WWII was redesigned for delivery and some time so I rode. I haven't been able to find out yet.
  2. So it is already certain that the car was made for Germany and the engine was adapted to German tax regulations. The door on the back was probably made after WWII, when cars were missing and therefore body were adjusted for the taxi. Probably the rear seats shifted a little forward and behind them was made room for luggage with access through the fifth door. I'm still waiting for a detailed photo of the door to confirm that it's really a later adjustment.
  3. I also thought it was some sort of export adjustment. Probably due to car taxes in Germany
  4. Yes type is actually 65 by FEDCO number. Interestingly, the German datatag shows the performance in 55 HP (PS) and a volume of 3180 cm3 and is actually supposed to have 195.6 (That is 3.205cm3.) Also, the performance should be 65 HP (PS). But the most interesting are the fifth door on the back wall. Here I need help if this is done, or it is a later modification from some body shop. Another instrument panel was probably later replaced with a dashboard from Czech Aero or Skoda cars. According to the picture they exactly match them.
  5. I'm sending a few photos. Interestingly, the dashboard does not match any Chrysler of that time. The wheel is also in the front fender and not on the back of the car. Plus, there's a fifth door. Apparently the car used to be a taxi. Have any such special modifications been made directly at the factory? Unfortunately, I do not have more photographs yet
  6. The engine number corresponds to the data tag. But it does not match the engine content and engine power. According to historical records, type 65 should have engine content 195.6 cu.i, (3,205 ccm) but the data tag is 3.180 ccm. The performance should also be based on historical records of 65 HP, but the tag data is 55 HP. Here is the difference I do not understand.
  7. Yes, apparently you are right and the data tag was supplied by the importer
  8. Does that mean that cars made in Detroit for export had data tag in the language of the country where it was exported? Right from production?
  9. . If production in Belgium is, it would have been another FEDCO series like Canada's Windsor. I think the car was imported from Detroit complete and only in Germany I was making German data tag.
  10. Not yet, but I´ll get them and send them.
  11. I think so it´s import to Germany and data tag there had to do in German to comply with German regulations
  12. Thank you Keiser31, ist very importent for me. You do not know whether they were manufactured in Germany or just imported the USA? marbeton
  13. My friend discovered an old Chrysler that has a data tag in German. It is said that it is type 65 from 1928, but it does not match engine performance and content. It is said that it was made in Germany, but I do not know that it would be a production factory in Germany. Photo data tag is from that car. Can someone help me with the determination of the car, when and where it was made and what is the type. It's definitely a six-cylinder. Thank you marbeton
  14. Hi, I needed speedometer cable for the 1925 Chrysler 58. The speedometer is AC and I need the cable from the gearbox to the speedometer. You do not know who would do it? Thank you for your help. marbeton
  15. I think your car is not Type 58 but Type 50. Type 58 had an oil level indicator in the engine made by the float and the hand indicator on the engine block. Type 50 had only a rod inserted in the engine like today's cars. The steering wheel type 58 was also fitted with metal bars and long metal levers. Wheelbase only for type 58 109 "for other four-cylinder Chrysler only 106" You will find your type exactly according to FEDCO