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  1. Yes, you're right, but if I want to have the car in its original and original condition, as it went out of production, it's better to risk the original part, even if there will be problems.
  2. Yes, I will. I have it carefully disassembled, so it probably shouldn't be a problem to put it back together, but without that capacitor. It's already in the manifold.
  3. I would need a 284-P without a condenser. Do you have one? And how much would it cost?
  4. So this was probably my problem. When I disassembled the malfunctioning B&C coil, there was a condenser. I will probably need a coil 284-P without a condenser.Your catalogs are perfect. They helped me a lot. In the Czech Republic, there is not much opportunity to get something like this, or find out about old American cars.Thank you for help.
  5. Peter, thanks for the information I didn´t have. They helped me a lot. I found out that my car had a Brown&Caine coil, but it was the same as the original in your picture. Unfortunately, it is now non-functional, so for now I have modern replacement, which I redesigned into an old design.
  6. In the Chrysler Master Parts List is like an ignition coil position for type F, Part No.37914, but there is no manufacturer of that coil, so I don't know what is right for my car.
  7. I live in Europe, this is not possible in the current Covid-19 situation.☹️
  8. Don´t happen to have this functional ignition coil 6 Volt for 1925 Chrysler 58? Regards marbeton
  9. Thanks for the help. I'm glad to know the exact designation of the two gears. If you have them and you would sell them to me, it would be more advantageous for me, because I am from the Czech Republic and buying from the USA is more complicated and more expensive for fees than from Europe. Would it be possible? And what would be the price?
  10. I found out that I probably have bad gears in the distributor. Drive gear is correct, but follower gear is the same. I think the folower gear should have a longer attachment. The radius and number of teeth must be the same. I found a lot of similar ones on ebay, but for newer cars. Not sure about someone who should drive and folower gears for a 1925 Chrysler 58 with a DELCO 634-A distributor? It should look something like the DG-1045 in the picture. I have both gear shorter there, something like type DG-1023. I just don't know if this image is for my distributor Thanks for the help.
  11. I also can't believe it, but since I adjusted the valves, the temperature has been fine. The old, experienced mechanics justified this to me by saying that this can happen with SV distributions, because the cylinders do not wash well.
  12. I think a miracle happened. I adjusted the valves and the engine began to cool. 😀😀 This means that my radiator is OK and there was an error in adjusting the valves. The cylinders were probably badly rinsed and the mixture burned more than it should.Otherwise I can't justify it. I didn't do anything else with the engine, so that must have been the cause.
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