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  1. 1967 Ford LTD with 289. Also have a 1967 Ford LTD 390 and a 1983 Ford F-150 for sale. Items are located in Smithfield, PA (southwestern PA). Selling these vehicles for a friend. His phone number is 724-562-3240. I believe he wants $2000 a piece for these vehicles, although the reserve prices are set a little below that number. Here are the ebay links: 289: Ford | eBay 390: Ford | eBay F150: Ford : F-150 | eBay
  2. Here are some photos I took. If I didn't get something important, let me know and I'll try again. I figure the chrome front with the fins/ridges at the bottom and the white centered knobs should be enough to get close. Any suggestions on cleaning something like this up? Ok, it's not letting me upload any photos.
  3. I recently picked up an old chrome front Ford AM radio at an estate auction recently, and was hoping somebody could help me identify the year and model it came from. There seems to be no number or date next to or below the stamped words "Date Installed". Other than the Ford emblem, the only other distinguishing marks I can seem to find are 18810-AB-125 and what appears to be 2BTP underneath that. Any help in identifying this radio would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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