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  1. 1940 buick SUPER rear end width,Looking for the width out side were the wheels bolt up too,i was told it was 58 but cant tell for sure
  2. Thank you i think it looks good too
  3. Please when I say aftermarket I don't mean any disrespect or anything like that it just because they put the same type of skirts on Buick Pontiac Chevy all the way up to the fifties on trucks
  4. You are absolutely correct that was my first choice I have went out and bought a pair of 1940 Buick tear drop skirts and I put them on the car but it looks so aftermarket it looked good didn't have that look to it and that's kind of why I didn't like skirts and kind of looked aftermarket just like some kind of cheap accessories but when I put these on there with the moldings and the five inches difference in size it just has a different look to it looks more of a custom look .that's kind of why I chose to do that route. With the 41 skirts it could have still been on a 40 even though they're 41 they still have leftover models in 41 and their years kind of go back and forth between 40 and 41. So maybe not made for 40 but period-correct
  5. Thats funny i dont care for them on most but looks great to me .but i only like to use gm accessories.love to see yours.no accessories just plan.. radial tires some average upholstery. Something somebody built. Please remember accessories are what makes the car. And please all those things you said are not on my car
  6. I put them on and they fit perfect beautiful i was very happy . Going to do some body work and paint and then put them on. I don't really like skirts myself but these are perfect for it perfect
  7. Here is some. .i love it Looks good
  8. looking to see if anyone has a 40 with 41 skirts on it wanted to see how it would look
  9. want to see if anyone has pictures of a 40 with 41 skirts
  10. i have a 1940 wanted to see if anyone had pictures of a 40 with 41 skirts
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