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  1. I have similar problems with my 1929 65!! I decided to take my little lad out today in the car, mainly due to some sunny weather!! Unheard of in the UK!! I keep the car on a battery conditioner all the time, so i have full power to the starter. I had not run the car for 1 month. I have had the carb fully reconditioned, and the choke adjusted, so it works properly. This morning, on full choke i had the car turning over for over 1 minute.. and still it did not start. Left it for a couple of mins, then did the same again. It started after 30-40 seconds. I have to shut of the choke straight
  2. Hello, i would be interested in seeing some photos of the car. We are looking for another body for my "65". Regards Duncan
  3. We recently changed the tyres (sorry Brit spelling!!) on our Chrysler 65, and thought it would be easy!! We had to use a double ended hydraulic ram to ease the felllow's apart before sliding onto the drum. Once on, we could then use a rubber mallet to slide them fully on. All in it took 4 guys a whole day!! But they look great and well worth the trouble. Count your fingers before and after, they are vunerable.
  4. Does anyone know if you can fit a 1929 '62 cylinder head onto a 1929 '65 cylinder block. We have just had a head gasket failure and found the main faults. We ordered all the necessary parts from Hagen's (very helpful indeed), and recieved these quickly. One thing we asked them to send us were plugs for the 65 engine and recieved smaller plugs!! They sent 18mm thread plugs and we needed 22mm plugs. They told us the 22mm plugs were only used on the 62 head. The head gasket is the same as the one that we took off, if that helps. Any help much appreciated. Regards Duncan
  5. Leigh We specialise in Liners / Sleeves for vintage engines, and i am very surprised that it is saying a piston clearance of 0.002", that is very tight. I would have thought 0.004-0.005" would be better. For JE or Omega pistons, they normally recomend 0.0035", and thats not for vintage engines. For my Lagonda we run 0.006" with a supercharger. I have the head of my Chrysler 65 at the moment, so will check the bores and see what we are running at. Regards Duncan
  6. Leigh Standard bore on a 66 is 3.125, then the oversize would be in increments of 0.010". I don't understand how the manual would say the pistons are 0.020" undersize!! The pistons you have are standard and may be OK, as long as you do not have significant bore wear. If you have, then the blocked will need to be resleeved back to standard for your new pistons. Can you scan the page of the manual and put it on this thread?? Regards Duncan
  7. Thanks for the offer, i have actually had one made, almost the same as the one in your photo!!
  8. It's OFF!!! I cannot believe how much pressure we put on the one wheel. We did the left rear with a puller and it came off straight away. The right rear was a nightmare, we had the puller on tight for 3 days with extreme heat and hitting the shaft!!! There was some oil on the surface of the shaft, should this be dry when the wheel goes back on, or a small amount of oil.
  9. I am trying to remove all the wheels on my 1929 Chrysler 65 for inspection and check over. We can get the fronts off no problem, but the rears are not going anywhere!! We have removed the main nut and split pin. The shoes have been backed off and the wheel spins freely. Why won't they come off!!! Please help me. Regards Duncan
  10. Thank you everyone for all your help. We found the Fedco plate on the front of the grille!! It reads exactly as the stamping on the chassis. We have now put it into it's correct place and after a few weeks of form filling and inspections, the car has a full UK registration. I can now fully enjoy the joys of driving a great car. I just need to get the Lagonda single seater finished and i can use the Chrysler as the Tow Car!! ATB Duncan
  11. I am trying to get a set of spare keys for my 1929 Chrysler 65, but i am having no luck. Can anyone tell me if this is the right ignition key?? It works fine, and turns the side lights and head lights on and off.
  12. Can anyone advise on the correct size of tire i should have on my Chrysler 65. I have wooden wheels on the car and different size fronts and rears!! Thanks, Duncan
  13. We have now checked the chassis, and found a stamping just behind the front spring mounting. It reads NP 186L. Does anyone know if this means anything?? Thanks for the help. Regards Duncan
  14. Martin Thank you very much for the info, i will get onto it and see how we get on. Will keep you posted. Regards Duncan
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