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  1. Old cast iron ZENITH carb. Made is U.S.A. 3" inlet w/ 2-1/4" throat. NO tags , but several differnt stamped numbers on it. Anyone know the model # ? Several sections that are all bolted together...main body, intake,throat flange,rearsection. ????? Thanks.
  2. lancemb, photo uploaded. Do not know what it is off. I can take measurements --let me know.
  3. see photo --used in good condition. Appears to be intact and no broken or missing fins. $400. Located IOWA 52046. Can package for shipping . YOU will arrange shipping --I can bring to UPS location.
  4. I have a 6 volt electric one and a non electric ---do U have a price in mind ?
  5. Used. In original packaging. can ship from Iowa to USA only please. check or googlepay. Thanks.
  6. Lightly used. Has most of original packaging. Has mounting cups. Appears intact --not broken from what I can see. 6 volt. Can ship from Iowa to USA only. check or googlepay Thanks.
  7. COMPLETE 48 for sale in Iowa. under 40k miles ! Engine runs great.
  8. EXHAUsT manifold and other mics parts for FORD 215 / 223 inline six engine. Ordered this exhaust manifold and arrived broken stud - paypal refuses to refund and I am not able to repair myself.NO cracks --it's a nice manifold if u want to fix the stud. Other engine parts also -- GOOD clutch / pp, carb, intake, bellhousing, brackets, etc. Can ship from IOWA.
  9. NOS HARRISON 3127575 Located in IOWA. $650
  10. WAY too much drama on this site. Car is listed FOR SALE , not " tell me boring stories, stupid comments welcome, can't afford it, wife won't let me buy it, boyfriend won't let me buy it, it's not as desirable as other cars that look better, if it ran you could drive it, the engine is not a flathead, the car has been for sale for a while" section, and way too many other- "hey, read my comment 'cuz I am an idiot" - replies for anyone to have to deal with. People , buy it or don't
  11. I get that question more than the "price history" question. Some people are more interested in the mechanicals of the car than what it has been priced at recently. Even though the picture OBVIOUSLY shows a ohv head , the "flathead" question is still asked frequently by the less educated in mechanics of internal combustion engines. As far as "price history" --I am quite sure I have it priced far above what the retail price was in 1948, excluding the sunvisor option. So , it is still for sale for those with a serious interest and have the permission and cash in pocket to buy. .........so I will wait for the next idiotic response.................
  12. Imperial62, that is correct -- U need to understand that when things are available for sale , people and businesses tend to advertise those items. U can see this almost everywhere --newspaper classifieds, online ads, television and radio ads, billboards, local bulletin boards. Then when it does sell, THEN the advertiser will no longer post it for sale. U see, if the item has not sold--the advertiser will CONTINUE to advertise the item.
  13. My dad has a complete running truck --a early 1960's if that helps u out ? Diesel, 5 & 2 trans. Wrecker body . Located in Iowa.
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