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  1. I was told this that this rusty old crossmember is from a 32 Ford But I'm not sure? Can you confirm this? thanks in advance
  2. Ron I do have this piece It is in fair Condition the plating is thin and I think the tip on the very bottom has broken off A few light nicks if examined closely I would like $55 for this plus shipping I can email pics if needed
  3. Curt thanks for your reply it is good start on finding the right car to fit this mirror
  4. I need help identifying this rear view mirror your help is appreciated thanks in advance...
  5. I have a few of these that have been opened up if you need some parts
  6. I think you are right they fit 41-47 Chevy truck ,Thank you for your response
  7. they are somewhat similar but the moldings on mine aren't that long I think mine are smaller in general as well
  8. These side panels are probably from the thirties But I can't figure out what they be off of Your help would be surely appreciated on this.
  9. Thanks Lee I wanted to make sure I was shipping the right one...Dan
  10. the mirror sold but if I find another I'll give you heads up
  11. I have one on Ebay right now it is a nice re production item no. 181119300530 the auction is there for another 23 hrs
  12. I have this window frame from a convertible which I believe to be for the right side Can you help identify if it is actually the right side? Thank you for taking the time to respond...Dan
  13. Yes you guys are right thanks for the help...
  14. Im thinking it might be Hudson. But I'm only guessing, would like to be able to sell it if I knew what it was ..Thanks in advance
  15. Dick Schell was my father he passed away in Oct 2008. My task has been cleaning out some of his stuff he had in his garage I'm sorry to say I disposed of one of the c4 bell housings he made. I've been selling some of the odds and ends on Ebay His Lincoln is now in the possession of my brother in AZ, he uses it for parades and non profit events. It really isn't driven like my father drove it. Anyway it has a Ford AOD trans, he had to do extensive modifications to the block to make it happen, he also had to split the wishbone into seperate assemblies to make room for it. His goal was to make the
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