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  1. Ok see what I can do......somehow my son made this in black & white, how no clue..
  2. My rant here in Taxachussets. Registry crooks strike again. My car here regular plates which are hand me down. So this would be the 9 thousand registered vehicle in this state. My father said his father bought the first truck around here being a IH high wheeler with this plate number on it. So he said 1908 plus or minus maybe 1910. This number in all my days cherished by my father, he always said when I go do not loose it.....Ok , the "who cares number plates" are 20 or 30 dollars for passenger cars and they charge me $90 - they claim its a vanity plate which is B
  3. I was watching Utube on the TV came upon street scenes of the 1940's. And right of the bat a 1933 Plymouth station wagon. I thought I once had the only one on the planet. A little different had chrome radiator shell chrome headlights defiantly not a PC. My mind forgets, was chrome shell a early version of a PD or was it PCXX all my 33's had black rad shell & chrome headlights PD bigger pic of the one we had.
  4. Buyer beware! one on ebay last summer $1200 Totally worthless without the control box and dimmer switch. My 59 Continental has it and is possessed!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I don't think Davids looking for tires, he is looking for a electric system thats 6v pos ground. I am looking too so far these units are all 12vt neg ground..
  6. Had one in a 1949 Ford company car.. The business end took up the whole trunk then it had a big Leece alternator too. I still dream about that car a grey 4dr, spotlight, overdrive ,super silent V8 . The phone was not used for blabbing like today only used for main office payroll use......
  7. Now come to think about this? I don't know how long there was a phone book in the mail box. Cable crooks too cheap to hand out phone books...What do you do? call assistance? then they charge for that. its a sick world...............................
  8. I drove my father crazy to test drive the all new Edsel, because if he did, I would get a new model. Mine is pink and cream color. Still have it still in the box. Somewhere in this very house.
  9. Thats shop 101 for freshmans in high school. They will do it free you supply the material. atleast around here..
  10. Looks export to me Wimbilton '6' another one of Walters ideas half Plymouth half Dodge half Chrysler.
  11. Yes a 1949 last year of the Clipper. 1950 first year of the Visicoach here is mine I sold couple years ago.
  12. This one kind of special built for Hammond Organ Co. Boston. The raised roof- I suspect it was brought back to the factory (they did modifications like that) two weeks engine done 391 Industrial Ford with Allison 6 speed. So, something like this is "One foot at a time" some pics its former glory as it is now.
  13. Napa "alum brightener" truckers choice spray of wash off with the hose
  14. So you want to cruise along at 60-65 and purring like a kitten. Here's what I did. If you can find a complete rear end from a 1970's Comet or Ford the one equil to a Comet (I used a Mercury Comet a guy gave me. It has to be from a standard shift ; automatic ratio is too high. The hydralic brake line threads right in the Plymouth. The Plymouth rims or wires bolt right on, the width is the same. All we had to do is splice the drive shaft. The Plymouth shaft slides right in the Ford drive shaft. End result, better stopping, sweet cruising lower rpms, gas mileage and 70 Hp will handle it ju
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