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  1. Hello Bill I have some old photos that I have not yet unpacked. They show the car as it was when purchaced in 1986. I have other recent photos of the car and parts in the trailer that it is stored in now. It will take a little time to get together. I will then post the photos ASAP. Thank you for your interest. Brad Blanchard
  2. Hello Mr.Burns Yes, the car is still for sale. Includes trailer if you want it. The tow vehicle is now in Panama. The car is to follow shortly. The price is now 20k with or without the trailer. My phone number in Panama is 011-507-6464-8976. The car is in Oregon. Thanks for your interest. Brad Blanchard
  3. Hello! I became a member of this club when web pages did not exist. 1989 I think. I have been out of circulation as far as the club is concerned for a number of years. My car has been in storage for at least ten years. I bought it at the reno swap meet in 1988. It had come from chicago via California. the car was sold to the previous owner through Hemmings. He had it in storage for several years without attempting restoration. the Original owner had done some restoration on the engine before passing away. family sold the car the the fellow I bought it from. I spent about a year work
  4. For anyone who is interested, I have a lot of engine parts for a 1929 lincoln, also transmission complete and rear end gears. also for sale a complete 1929 judkins bodied berline with divider window and dual side mounts. also has original trunk and dual rear tail lights. 99% complete needs restoration of interior, paint and rechroming. the body work is done and most of the mechanical as well. Interested parties may contact me at bradb97496@hotmail.com.
  5. For sale, 1929 judkins bodied lincoln Berline with divider window. Partially restored car has been in my care since 1988. the car is from the chicago area and had a sticker in the winshield (1930) chicago country club. I have done most of teh restoration on the drive train. The body work is done and all parts are in primer except the rear fenders which are painted. the car has dual side mounts with mirrors, Radio minus controls., original trunk, dual rear tail lights, wide white wall tires lincoln brand. I spent a lot of time at swap meets and have numerous extras for this car. Lacking
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