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  1. Sorry about the delay in repling to everyones post, busy all summer never got a chance to work on the truck at all! Truck has a 440 Mopar, 727 auto, narrowed Ford 9'' with a 4 link rear, mustang II rack with tubular control arms, 2'' drop spindles with coil overs. Finally located a steel hood and side panels (will be picking them up next week) Still looking for a glove box and hinge and a windshield regulator?? I will post some pictures tonight!
  2. Yes I am interested I will call you on Monday!!
  3. Im looking for a steel hood for my 1938 dodge pick up and was wondering if anyone knows what years will fit and are the car hoods the same.:confused:
  4. The truck is still in NJ, I will call down in am and have them check for me. Thanks
  5. I bought a 1938 dodge truck, just getting ready to bring it up to Ontario from the states and found out that there is no vin number on the title and no vin number on the truck, any one no what I do next? The truck is customized with a different frame and no firewall.:confused:
  6. Thanks Ian I haven't picked up the truck yet so I'm going by pictures of it. The hole in the dash is in the same place but is bigger, maybe a trim bezel goes around it. I'll know more when I get the truck home. Thanks for taking the time to send the pictures! Steve
  7. Hi Everybody Just bought a new project my first old vehicle 38 plymouth pick up, its going to be a hot rod not a restoration but I would like to know if some one has a picture of the original dash, so I can replicate the switches and guages to look original or period correct. There is a spot on the center of the dash with a hole in it about 2'' dia, what goes in there? Thanks for your help!
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