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  1. I've got a 6v Delco 948s generator off a 1938 Buick. Question is, the cutout box has 5 terminals not 4. BATT GEN F GRD. The extra one is marked IGN obviously ignition. What is this for??? When I apply 6v to it and GRD it pulls the contact in. I want to convert to electronic regulation by using BATT GEN F and GRD. This will make the IGN terminal redundant. Is this OK? Is the IGN term part of the old regulator set up and therefore not required if I go electronic??? Pete
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies especially Startergenrebuilder and John Arthur Spinks. That's the figures I need. I'm converting the dynamo to 2 brush and 12v with an electronic regulator hidden in the defunct cutout shell. If I've done the figurin' right then the reg needs to be rated at 11 amps max @ 12v. Startergenrebuilder, have you other output figures for pre war American dynamos? I could use them if you have please.
  3. I just want to know the rating of the dynamo please. I know how to set it up but want to know what its maximum safe output is. Cant be much as there's not much to run. My guess is its around 15 amps, can anyone confirm please? Has anyone got a handbook or maintenance manual that gives a figure?
  4. Can anybody tell me the maximum safe continuous output in amps or watts of a Delco Remy 927D 6 volt 3 brush dynamo fitted to my 1930 Cadillac please? It is like the one pictured and has the cutout built on top of it