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  1. UPDATE: On the way back to Iowa from North Carolina today we made a detour to the scooter meet in Portland Indiana.....turn out they said was down however I thought it was scooter overload of all kinds ...will definetly be on the roster for 2012...also I might have found my sidecover for my 47 doodle bug!.....Lynn
  2. Hi Guys, Anyone have a original left side cover for my Western Flyer ?...beat up and rough is ok to fit in with the rest of my scooter, I could use a battery light kit also, all I have left is part of a tail light,....my ratchet and kick start will be waiting for me in Webster City, I actually got to ride a Doodlebug back in May,very cool!!....! wife wasnt impressed much though, oh well....thanks....Lynn
  3. yea Im an idiot....it says western flyer not hiawatha...I am missing a left side cover which is steel, (love to find a unrestored one) and I am missing the kick start assembly, the base looks fine. I just talked with one of the orginizers of the annual meet here in Iowa and he has seen my scooter and thinks it is an earlier model...scooter guy,why is my model section of the tag blank?..any ideas? as far as the clutch cover mine has four slots across the front and three on the side, it has one hand control, and has a sediment bowl on the carb if that means anything, the man I bought it from sa
  4. Hi Guys! Brand new member here..and the proud owner of a Doodlebug! I bought it last week at an auction from the original owner who bought it in 1948, I have known him all my life and never knew he had it,it was stored hanging from the rafters in an old shed, the scooter is all original and even has the original tires which are in very good shape yet it is missing the left side cover, he said the belt broke one day and he hung it up where it had remained untouched for a long time. He told me he bought it from a Western Auto store in New York state. It has the NP Briggs engine however the kick
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