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  1. if your question is do I still have the old non working radio that was original to the chrysler TC the answer is yes I no longer have the car but I know the radio is in my garage if you want a non working original electronic graphic equalizer radio if you want this you can have it for free
  2. Alan, I will tell you the Allante "was" on my list of cars to own. And I "did". I had a nice one. But, no matter how well I treated that car it was a money pit. I was plagued with one electrical problem after another. You name it, it went wrong on my car. It got to be the opposite of fun so I sold it. A few years later I got the itch for a fun convertable car again to occupy the second stall in my garage. The TC honestly has proven to be a very fun and reliable toy for me. All-be-it not as feature laden as the Allante. When things occasionally do go wrong parts are cheap and attainabl
  3. I mentioned that I was adding a self dimming rear view mirror with outside temperature and compass. Here it is in a photo. It has the map lights built in and I was SUCCESSFULL in getting them to turn on when the door is opened just like the factory unit (stays on with the timed illuminated entry delay feature too). Also did fully automatic headlamp control, looks/works like it came that way from the factory. Turns the lights off at dark (or when the windshield wipers are turned on) and keeps them on for 60 seconds after you turn the car off to illuminate your path to home.
  4. I mentioned earlier that I was going to have a padded leather glove box door pad made for my TC. I did. I installed it and here is a photo.
  5. I have a beautiful 1990 black TC which I have restorred/upgraded and now am going to address a small problem. Mostly for lack of anything else to do to this car. The leather seat surfaces to the bottom of both seats, it seems as though the previous owner replaced just the front leather section of both seats. Although the finish of the replaced black leather is still quite nice, I have noticed that the replaced sections have shrunk a bit and are not quite as glove-soft as the original leather in the rest of the seating areas. Anyone, especially a non-tc owner/fan looking at it would "never
  6. Hello, I always wanted to add a self dimming rearview mirror with compass, outside temp gague and maplights (this is a tricky one) that DO come on with the opening of the door to my TC. Now I did, I love it and thought I would share a link to what I bought. I know the seller Dave can get more and you can do this too. If you do buy one remember to ask him to switch the display filter to green to match the radio display or red if you want it to match the dash lights AND if you need help getting the map lights to come on with the door opened and the timed illuminated entry system write to me a
  7. Bob, sorry for the delayed reply I was out of town. I am "assuming" that the mirror, temp, & compas functions work and the built in lights "DO" come on if you press the buttons, just "NOT" when the doors are opened (if this is "not" the case let me know and I will help you further). OK to make the lights built into a Gentex/Donnely mirror turn on with the doors opened you will need to understand that in the factory harness/plug tucked up in the header under the leather which went to the original mirror (which was a manual flip style with built in lights) had 3 leads suplying to the lights
  8. Hi, The problem with re-covering the arm rest comes with getting the little french pleats around the stitching to look good. "ALL" of the re-covered ones I have ever ever seen have a sort of flat look in the seams which does not look that nice (be it may it does look better than a riped one). To fix mine I had the existing worn/torn repaired (problems filled, sanded, re-textured and then re-dyed) and it looks just like it did when it came down the final assembly line in Italy. It has held up flawlessly for two years now not showing the slightest wear. Mine was done by Paul of Leathermender
  9. Hello, I will get one of these cup holders $50 on ebay. I see you dremmeled off the top plastic lip and holes. Any other advise for me? I like what you have done here. I have purchased the acrylic one that George makes and I love it. He makes a quality piece and is very kind in the sales process through ebay. It has been very helpful for years but I always wanted this type of cup holder and now I can have it thanks to you. Funny thing, I broke the expensive wood trim bezel when removing my radio to send for overhauling. I replaced it with a brand mint used one from Larry at TC parts.com.
  10. You can send the LeBaron speedometer to Rick in Austin, TX 1 800 444 0292. He is very reasonable.
  11. Hi, Does anyone have any current photos of their 1989 Riviera's they can share interior as well as exterior. I used to have one and would love to see some well preserved car photos. I am thinking of how I can squeeze another car into my little collection and may begin hunting for either a near perfecr one, or one who's restoration I can handle. Seing the photos of the 89 again may be the motivation needed to jump start me. Thanks:)
  12. Years ago I had met a clever guy and his self-updated TC. He had cleverly removed all of the components of the automatic climate control system from a junked hign end Lebaron and very nicely installed them into his TC giving what looked like a factory installed automatic climate control system and it worked beautifuly. I have lost touch with him but wanted to see if anyone here on the forum has done this. I am just toying with the idea. I have a New Yorker Landau and am familiar enough with the automatic climate syetem within it (which I am certain is nearly identical to the Lebaron) and m
  13. I will clean that throttle body to start and if that does not help, then have the injectors looked at. I do not stop for a second before starting but will now. Thanks for the replies. Any proceedural hints on cleaning the throttle body?
  14. I have added this to my shopping list, but would LOVE to read it asap. If ANYONE has it in a e-mail'able file I would be so greatful for the preview. My e-mail address is stephenemirra@yahoo.com. Thanks, Stephen Austin, TX. :cool:
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