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  1. If anyone is looking for a 37 in about the same condition and willing to pay that much for it, I may be willing to part with mine, 37 super 8 ,138 inwb, removable post, see photos in my images,
  2. anyone out there know if the packard plant also made removable posts, or were all the cars with removable posts modified by Heney
  3. while searching the web under packard police cars i came across a photo of a 1937 factory photo of a police car in front of a building on ebay. question? did packard sell police cars? I am trying to figure out why my car has a plate on the left front fender that looks to be factory but not on the right side. on the photo there is a siren or light mounted on the left fender, my packard is a model 1014b, that i understand was used for mostly comercial business.
  4. love the look of sidemount fenders, but my can does not have them. i'm betting that they are hard to buy and expensive if you could find them so my question is has anyone ever converted regular fenders into sidemounts .
  5. anyone ever hear of a TNA car horn,and possibly know what type of cars they were used on.
  6. a common trick on the old steam engins for a overheated bearing was to apply a mixture of salad oil and gunpower to the bearing.
  7. my 37 is missing the radiator cap ,and the hood ordament,and i see no screw holes anywere for mounting a ornament,so can i asume that the ornament is part of the radiator cap. the only orginal picture that i found of a 37 business sedan had a mechanics hood ornament now i'm confused because the mechanics ornament didn't come out until 38. can anyone set me strait.
  8. 37pac

    door question?

    thanks,if anyone can finda picture or parts number for the tool that opens and closes the locking latches i would appreciate the info. owen, ,thanks .the dist is on the top and it is an 8 cyl. good thing its wheelchair access, because i probally will be in one by the time i'm finished with the car.
  9. 37pac

    door question?

    my car is a 1014 business sedan 139 wb trunck mounted spare, rubber mat instead of carpeting, but still has the foot rest in back and middle seats. 8 cyl super 8 i believe this model has a 4 inch wider rear end than the standard touring model ,but came as a more inexpensive alterative to the touring model,
  10. i'm lookin for a few of them myself, i have been watching for them to show up on ebay but havent seen any, it dont look like it would be to hard to make a set of reproductions, i am missing about half of mine , if you end up making some let me know ,i will keep an eye out for them too.
  11. 37pac

    door question?

    MY 37 sedan has a locking mechanism on the passanger side ,between the 2 doors, it looks like the collum is removeable from the floor to the cealing. i havent tried to do anything with it , it looks like you need a special key . my question is, why is it there, and do all packards have that.
  12. i understand,thanks for clearing that up,
  13. i believe that these are the correct model numbers, but please correct me if i"m wrong, i am thinking that my 1014b is a 1502 but not sure i can't find no referance to the numbers 1502 anywere on the car,it does have a 139 inch wheelbase, and it is a super 8, how many super 8's models does your information show , my information shows 15,including the ones that i listed. my information comes from Niel R. anderson 714/990-0405 IFC
  14. 4 of the 1937 super 8 models are not listed in ccca list of approved classics, can you clear this up for me,they are the business sedan 1014b , business limousine 1015b , town car Lebaron L395 and cabriolet Lebaron L394, are these cars part of the 1500 through 1502 list or do they have seperate model numbers.
  15. 37pac

    dirty windows

    thanks everyone for the input, i got a quote from vintage glass in ct for 595$ plus 60$shipping ,they said they have the pattern and can make all 10 windows,but i will have to get the seals elsewere. still cant find that packard dealership in elgin!!!!
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