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  1. Thank you both, I sent an email to receive the photo and all possible information. Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina
  2. Friends, I am restoring the car and I have problems to discover the function of the steering levers. I think both have different functions. But I'm not sure because I have no user manual. Another question is about the command of light, how it works ... If anyone has pictures, or that part of the manual, I'm from Argentina and things from e-bay never come here. Thank you very much!
  3. Hi, someone have the technical book of this vehicle?
  4. Thank you very much! Never thought I would get an answer so fast! that image is perfect.
  5. Hello, new to the forum. My father bought the 1930 DD Cabriolet that was and I had a few questions that maybe somebody could answer. We are from Argentina, so my english is not so good. What I am trying to find is the dodge emblem that is located on the grid, I need a higher resolution image to be able to replicate as closely as possible, because import that replacement is impossible. I attached a picture I found without much resolution, but serves to show an example. Another thing I want, is a technical book of this vehicle to resolve many doubts I have in the restoration. Thanks for any help you can provide.