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  1. Got 83% on this one, cars from the fifties. I got a 63% on the 60s muscle car challenge (can't tell the diff between the individual models. A couple of mixed up answers and I might have scored better. I was born after most of these cars were manufactured. TM.
  2. Marty, Awesome Cadillac Convertible!!! Dave, maybe a 1942 Ford Fordor Staff Car (or Cadillac or Buick)? A Dodge WC Command Car would be very cool. Quote: ShopRat Welcome to both you and your wife. I hope that she will come along with you as you get back into the hobby. There are many women like myself that not only enjoy the vehicles but we have entered into the judging end of the hobby as well. Susan, my wife is excited by the prospect of our getting an old car. She wants to drive it too. No problem there. Thanks all who replied. Tony
  3. Thanks all. My wife and I are looking forward to getting back into the old car scene. John, I agree, Buicks are nicer. As a family we have been buying them for over 50 years--all the way back to my father's first Buick, a 1956, or my mother's current 2006 model. I had a beautiful gold 1972 Electra 225 (4D) with black top--probably one of the nicest old cars I have ever owned. Like I said, I am leaning toward the pre-war V-8 Ford (1937 thru 1939), but if a decent 1940 Buick Model 41, Model 61 or Model 71 comes along at the right price, I just might change my mind. In fact, I followed a 1941 Buick ad to this website/forum. It was the green 1941 Super model 51 in New Jersey that was offered for $3,999 and sold in 15 minutes. Sorry I missed out on that one. Looking forward to enjoying the forum. Thanks. Tony
  4. Forum Members, I am a new member to the forum. I am in the fresh water business and I am a WWII historian and author. I am looking forward to learning more about antique cars and their owners here on the forum. My father has always been an enthusiast and it rubbed off on me and my two brothers. I used to collect early 1970s Cadillacs and Buicks. I had some nice ones too. I got married and sold all of the Cadillacs. I have been married for some time now and my wife is stuck with me. As a consequence, I feel safe enough in my marriage to start looking for an antique car. I am looking to buy a pre-war V-8 Ford or pre-war Straight Eight Buick (my father and brother collect Buick Straight-8 cars). Leaning toward the old Ford for a variety of reasons. We'll see how it shakes out in the end. Glad to be here and looking forward to enjoying my membership. Thanks. Tony