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  1. In July 1963, I was brought home in my father's 1956 Buick Special Sedan.
  2. Fender Skirts for sale. Price: $125
  3. Update: The car in question that prompted this thread is still for sale--about nine months now. Still same price. The guy owns five antique cars and two antique trucks, all of them purchased and/or restored by his father. He inherited every single one of them. I think this is part of the problem here. Well, Auburn V-8 meet is coming up in August and I am going there with my money. Maybe someone will have what I want. If the car is for sale when I get back, maybe I'll make my offer. PP
  4. Is the new Camaro supposed to be a retro type throwback car? It barely resembles a Camaro of old. If it is, then it is nowhere near the mark like the new Mustang and new Challenger. Sorry Chevrolet, I would never buy one. I am still honked off about the fall of Pontiac. They should have kept it around as a specialty performance speed brand. My first brand new car was a red Pontiac.
  5. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed reading all the posts. PP
  6. Thanks for the link. That is astounding footage. Wow. PP
  7. I was watching a television program called Through the Wormhole. During the episode "Does Time Exist?", there is a film clip of a very clean, brand new looking 1959 Chevrolet Sedan being smashed head on into a brand new, late model Chevrolet Sedan (in the fashion of the test dummy/car crash films we have seen in the past). Has anybody seen this? I doubt the cars were smashed together head on just for the TV show. From the look of it and the set-up, it appears that this head-on collision was conducted in an auto lab/test facility by serious people. Does anybody know why this head-on test collision was conducted? The episode airs again tonight (Sunday June 26, 2011) at 9PM Central Daylight Time. Pomeroy41144
  8. I was watching a television program called Through the Wormhole. During the episode concerning Time, a 1959 Chevrolet Sedan was smashed head on into a late model Chevrolet Impala. The 1959 Sedan looked like a pretty clean car. Judging by the set-up, this test was conducted in an automotive engineering lab/test facility by serious people. I don't think it is likely that this was done for the TV show but rather for some other reason. Does anyone know why this test accident was conducted? PP
  9. Clean 1973 Cadillac Fender Skirts For Sale! PP
  10. Man, that sounds crazy. Why don't the members from the various car clubs in PA gang up and petition or lobby the PA Legislature to get the law changed? Let me guess: people who know nothing about antique cars are making the determination whether your Model A is all original as it left the factory? What about Custom Bodied pre war cars like Packard, Cadillac etc? How on earth can the PA DMV people make determinations about cars that are obscure or rare? Sounds really screwed up. Pomeroy
  11. I drove my beautiful 1973 Cadillac Coupe DeVille to work one day. Something was out of place somewhere and when I got to the parking lot I started fussing with it (I can't remember what the problem was). I got out, was messing around, closed the door. Oops, the keys are in the car and I just locked the door. After standing around for about 15 minutes figuring out how I was going to get home and get in my house and get some keys, I walked around to the right hand side of the car and noticed that the right window was open. I reached in and pulled up the plunger. Problem solved. Wow.
  12. 1973 Cadillac DeVille Fender Skirts for sale.
  13. Yep, those are the ones. Jim, Thanks for posting them. The two images I had tried to post were of a 1936 Roadster and 1936 Cabriolet with the trim seen on the car photo posted by Jim. Thanks to all for the information. Red X Pomeroy41144.
  14. I mentioned this in the thread about white wall tires. Era photos fail to reveal 20s and 30s cars with radiator stone guards. I love Model A cars but I think the radiator stone guards take away from the good looks of a Model A car. My opinion. It was suggested to me that the Model A guys need the radiator stone guards to hang their club chapter badge on. 41444
  15. Dog gone it. Thanks. Pomeroy41144
  16. Here is another example. Pomeroy41144
  17. This was on Ford Barn. Has anybody seen a modern example of a 1936 Ford sporting this unusual (ugly) trim on the hood sides? This still is from a movie titled "Call Out the Marines". PP
  18. I had an old friend named Rich who used to say stuff like this, and he was driving the same point as you are. And almost always, at least when I was present, people took it the wrong way. 41144
  19. Rusty Quote: "Expensive cars such as town cars and limousines did not get them because they were thought to be gaudy and in bad taste." Here is a limo with some whites. Another Limo from "You're Telling Me." Pomeroy41144
  20. Here are a Chevrolet and Ford in the same movie--no white walls. Pomeroy41144
  21. 1931 Dusenberg from the same movie The luxury brands had the whitewalls. P
  22. 1931 Packard Eight as seen in a 1934 movie "You're Telling Me" Pomeroy