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  1. Tag is unreadable. Great. Thanks for the ID. That is the Gen I wanted. Thanks to all that helped and thanks Dad.
  2. Can anyone ID this old generator that my father gave me?
  3. Yikes!!! I let my AACA renewal lapse. I just discovered that I had forgotten to pay. Can I renew by phone? I don't seem to have an account to renew here on line. PP
  4. Welcome. Good luck with the truck.
  5. Merry Christmas. I went for a Christmas eve spin in the 1937 Ford.
  6. Agreed. Agreed. Some cars look better with sidemounts than others. And I really agree about the 1940 Buicks with sidemounts looking "odd"--the sidemounts detract from the beautiful lines of these cars, they looked tacked on. Not a good look. (1941 Buicks did not come equipped with sidemounts--thank goodness) As the cars got rounder and curvier in their design, the sidemounts look less and less attractive. As seen in a pre-war Nancy Drew film, this 1937 Ford was fitted with a sidemount; I guess someone just could not help themselves. Ford did not sell them this way and one look tells you why.
  7. If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are a baby boomer.
  8. From these photos, it looks like they could. I have no problem parallel parking my 1930s era car.
  9. Yep, the big photos overwhelm the real thing. Would rather see the car with nothing in front of it.
  10. My family has owned two 1941 Series 90 Limited Buicks. They are great driving cars.
  11. I have a small sign describing how the car was brought back to life. I never display the car with the hood or trunk open. I like to display the car as the designers intended the car to look as it drove.
  12. Sounds like my dad and my brother. The car on the top was lost in the arson garage fire in 1989. My father purchased it in 1977 or 1978 from a place called "Little Joe's". The car on the bottom is the one my brother purchased in Michigan some years ago. I drove the one on the bottom to the BCA meet in South Bend a few years ago. . .
  13. Credit to you for wanting to get it right with non modified cars from the era. I like that kind of attention to detail.
  14. Even in the 1990s, Pontiac would not let me order a car the way I wanted. Certain things came with certain packages. And certain numbers of cars were manufactured with certain packages. It was really frustrating. I am old enough to remember the good old days: My grandfather or my father could go into a Pontiac dealer or Buick dealer, respectively, and fill out an order sheet and get the Catalina or Electra 225 that they wanted with the equipment and features that they wanted. Even Hyundai would not let my wife get the super - duper stereo system in her SUV unless she purchased the third row seating. We did not want the third row, so we could not get the stereo upgrade. Really dumb.
  15. Agreed. I find this much more attractive than the 57.
  16. I think Barney Breeze of Indiana had a 1940 Century Convertible with sidemounts. I think his son Tom still owns it.
  17. I drove one that had a Leach Garbage Truck body on it while I worked my way through college.
  18. I have seen this car listed for sale via various dealers for several years. It has appeared in Hemmings a bunch of times. It is for sale, then is sold and is then immediately for sale again. Anybody know why? It looks great. I think I have a Hemmings as far back as 2013 that lists this car. Photo by owner. For some reason the link won't post.
  19. Too bad you cannot stop the animation at the specific years. It just goes too fast to observe it in a meaningful way.
  20. Wow. that is great. Where do you live? Our local "car shows" consist mostly of 60s muscle, street rods and 57 Chevrolets.